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Confronting Culture with Christ


NASHVILLE—May 9, in the year of our Lord 2011—In When Worlds Collide—Stepping Up and Standing Out in an Anti-God Culture, two exciting young authors urge their generation to “collide” with its world and stay true to their faith. Wielding humor, research, and insight, brothers Mike and Daniel Blackaby challenge today’s young adult and student Christians to understand the effects of media-driven pop culture, to stand firm in faith, and to speak out in truth and love.

“You’re a soldier dropped into enemy territory with battle on all sides,” Mike and Daniel write. “God calls His children to live radically different lives from nonbelievers, but it can be highly intimidating to stand out or stand up for Him.”

How to do it then? When Worlds Collide, releasing June 1 from B&H Publishing Group, lays out the battle plan clearly, biblically, entertainingly.

Cave-Ins, Cave Dwellers, Colliders

When Worlds Collide looks at three types of Christians:

Cave-Ins—Christians wanting to blend in with the culture around them. Instead of standing out, they all too often sell out.

Cave Dwellers—These believers are less about blending in than checking out. Hiding in safe Christian huddles, untouched by the culture around them . . . and touching no other lives.

Colliders —“Colliders simply are people who honor God more than trying to please people,” Mike and Daniel write. Colliders understand their culture yet know how to stand out in it for what they stand for.

When Worlds Collide is no ordinary book. Mike is a college and young adult pastor, and Daniel is a seminary student, both twentysomethings writing in the language of their generation. Throughout the book, “Culture Clips” draw on pop culture references—from Green Day to The Dark Knight—to illustrate important ideas.

When Worlds Collide equips readers to deal with internal and external battles as they step up and stand out. Chapter titles include:

• On a Collision Course with Your Fears
• When the Collision Hurts
• Reversing the Collision – Using Pop Culture as a Tool
• Colliding Head-On with the World’s Priorities
• An Internal Collision – Becoming a Person of Joy

About Mike and Daniel Blackaby
Mike and Daniel Blackaby are the third generation of Blackabys to speak about Christ to their peers. They are the grandsons of Henry Blackaby, author of Experiencing God, and the sons of Richard Blackaby, who co-authored Spiritual Leadership with Henry, and is an author and international speaker in his own right.

Mike is the college and young adult pastor of First Baptist Church in Jonesboro, Ga., and Daniel attends Golden Gate Seminary in California.

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