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CompuExpert Announces All-in-One Wireless Air Keyboard Chatting

Lake Forest, Calif.--July 8, in the year of our Lord 2011--
CompuExpert, a division of Digital Interactive Systems Corp., today announced the Air Keyboard Chatting from Cideko. The Air Keyboard Chatting integrates a compact wireless keyboard, gyro mouse, earbuds and a microphone for talking to friends and family while operating a home theater or PC easily and comfortably, even from another room!

With up to 10 hours of battery life with constant use and an effective range of up to 30 meters, the lightweight Air Keyboard Chatting provides convenience and comfort while still allowing the same control and functionality over your PC or home theater as a regular keyboard and mouse. Simply move the keyboard in the air to activate the 3D motion-sensing mouse and click with the right and left mouse buttons integrated on theAir Keyboard Chatting case. The Chatting Combo keyboard includes 3.5 earphone and microphone ports with a set of earbuds with mute functionality for the ultimate in convenience, and it can even be used with the browsing and chat capabilities of your PlayStation®3 console. LED indicators show keyboard connection and microphone mute, and the rechargeable battery extends usage time.

The Air Keyboard Chatting is compatible with Windows 98 - Windows 7, Mac OS 10.2 or later and Linux operating systems as well as PS3™ browsing and chat functions.It is expected to carry a suggested retail price of $99.99, and is available now at Amazon, Newegg, Fry's Electronics and other retailers throughout North America.

Also available is the Air Keyboard and Mouse, which features a wireless keyboard and gyro mouse with an effective range of up to 30 meters, all in a compact, easy to use unit for only $79.99. The keyboard runs on two AA batteries, and kicks into power saving mode after being idle for 10 seconds. It is also compatible with Windows 98 - Windows 7, Mac OS 10.2 or later and Linux operating systems, as well as PS3 browsing functions.

For more information, please visit compuexpert.com or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/CompuExpertDirect


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