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Chillingo Launches 3 New Titles for iOS plus Major Updates

Chillingo - Leading Independent Games Publisher and division of Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS).
HolyWaterGames - Indie developer behind 'Feed Me Oil'.
Icehill - Indie developer behind 'Incredible Express'.
No Monkeys - Indie developer behind 'Let's Jump!'.

Feed Me Oil & Feed Me Oil HD:
When hunger strikes, strike oil!

The land is literally alive—and it's starving! Your job is to get the oil from the broken pipe to the mouths of the weird and wonderful creatures. It's not going to be easy though and you'll need to use a variety of oil maneuvering tools, as well as some brain power, to complete each level and get the stars!

Slick physics, challenging levels, wonderful characters and addicting gameplay...what more could you want from a puzzle game?

Incredible Express HD:
All aboard for this incredible ride!

Help Maria transform her little train company into a transatlantic giant! Place tracks, operate signal points and control lights in order to deliver your precious cargo to the right destination.

Take part in special challenges and unlock new achievements, levels and a whole range of sensational locomotives!

Let's Jump!
Wanna get high? Well you can do just that in this highflying score attack game!

Guide your gooey little blob to dizzying heights, land on power boosting platforms and look out for the ones that will crumble beneath you.

Play against your friends in race mode either locally or via Game Center and see who can jump highest!

Feed me Oil Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yetHU8ReABM
Incredible Express HD Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=94_tmGiaEdM
Let's Jump! Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhCibQVj-40

Sky Combat 1.2:
The critically acclaimed shoot 'em up gets an explosive update:
Brand new Arctic Campaign
New game mode: Protect the VIP
Arctic Endless Mode
Now choose your vehicle; Chopper, Boat or Tank!

Collision Effect 1.2 — The Life Force Update: Collision Effect to be updated with Life Force!
New Life Force mode adds a whole new way to play into the mix
Sixty new puzzle levels
New Practice mode
Optimized for iPad 2 with incredible particle effects; see the difference by clicking here!

Spider Jack 1.1:
Web slinging physics puzzler gets a new room!
Brand new Play Room with 25 mind boggling levels to complete
Now use Bouncy Trampolines and Sticky Chewing Gum to get to your lunch!
Extra hidden achievements to find!

Feed Me Oil can be downloaded for the iPhone/iPod touch here.
Feed Me Oil HD can be downloaded for iPad here.
Incredible Express HD can be downloaded for iPad here.
Let's Jump! can be downloaded for iPhone/iPod touch/iPad here.


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