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Chillingo Announces New Slate of Spring Titles

WHAT: Chillingo is thrilled to usher in the Spring season by announcing that the family friendly titles below will be coming soon to the Apple App Store:

Spider Jack (MaxNick): Say hello to Spider Jack, an adorable arachnid with an appetite that’s hard to satisfy. Capture all of the flies in a variety of environments — from an abandoned barn to a buzzing laboratory — and help Jack get his fill!

Dream Track Nation (PowPowGames): 2D racing will never be the same as players construct crazy tracks with loops and special powers to create huge, gravity-defying jumps as they sprint to the finish line! Use the in-game level designer to share an infinite number of tracks online with friends and challenge their skills in this exhilarating new racer with colorful and playful graphics.

Spoing (Games2Be): Experience the sound and the fury in this exciting new trampoline-based, precision platformer. Recover the stolen rainbow-diamonds one jump at a time. But things aren’t as simple as they seem, as creating each platform is just as important as landing on them!


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