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CardMon Hero Phase 2 of Closed Beta Test Goes Live


Redbana today announced that the second round of Closed Beta Testing for its highly anticipated, free-to-play, card-summoning MMORPG game Cardmon Hero is going live today, starting at 7pm Eastern Time. The second Closed Beta Test will run through January 9th and interested participants may sign up on the official CardMon Hero website at http://cardmon.t3fun.com. Participants in the first Closed Beta Test will automatically receive a new key to access the second round, and all remaining gamers will get a chance to jump in when the Open Beta Test goes live in the coming months.

CardMon Hero is a free-to-play MMORPG for PC in which players take on the role of a Hero that can create, discover, recruit and summon Mercenaries to aid in battle using a deck of cards. Call Mercenaries to battle tough enemies in combination with your Skill cards as you adventure through an expansive and persistent world. Join thousands of others in a card-collecting adventure through hundreds of quests, over 70 instances and countless combinations of Mercenary and Skill cards to be discovered and used in the battle.

For more information about CardMon Hero, please visit: http://cardmon.t3fun.com/


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