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Captain Squiddy Needs Your Help Collecting Pirate Treasure


Jigsaw Puzzle Game Targeting Younger Pirates Now Available On The App Store

Danish developer “Captain Squiddy” is ready to set sail and have just gone to sea in their “Captain Squiddy’s Jigsaw Quest” now available on the App Store for the Apple iPad®. This highly unique Jigsaw Puzzle game is primarily targeted at younger pirate prospects around the age of 3-7 years old, but can easily be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of age. Get ready to sharpen your sword, gather your parrot, and polish your wooden leg, because you are about to begin a quest of exploration, adventure, and puzzle solving!

The premise of “Captain Squiddy’s Jigsaw Quest” is kept simple: in this story-based adventure it is your task to explore three different islands by navigating your ship with the touch of your finger to your desired destination on a map. And although this sounds simple enough, there is more to the adventure than meets your one-eye, because one of the islands is hidden, and unless you discover a treasure map you will fail in locating the last island, and thus come up short in your treasure hunt! Be careful though as you traverse each island, as it is not recommend visiting the island of volcanos while it is erupting! With clever strategy and cunning pirate skills, you will quickly learn when and where to visit each island.

As you successfully explore and complete challenges and puzzles throughout your quest you will earn gold, and this form of treasure is your access to progressing deeper into the game: with gold you can visit the store and purchase awesome add-ons to your ship such as a Canon, a book about the world inhabitants, and even a jukebox to get that “Arr, Matey” spirit and party going! Other unique features include a slideshow, and the option to buy new challenges that will allow you to earn even more gold! For the exceptionally good pirates, the game has secret ways to earn gold, but those you need to discover on your own!

The games difficulty can be adjusted at any time allowing anyone of any age to enjoy this visually stunning puzzler. And if free exploration is not for you, the game allows you to navigate your ship through a marked course within a set period of time.

“Captain Squiddy’s Jigsaw Quest” is available on the App Store from here:


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