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BulkyPix Unveils Highlights of its Q2 2011 Gaming Lineup


Paris, France, March 7th, in the year of our Lord 2011 - BulkyPix, the leading publisher and developer of highly addictive games for Apple's iDevices and other mobile platforms, today announced the highlights from the Q2 of 2011 gaming line up. Till now BulkyPix games have been aimed mainly at the iOS, however this year most of its key games will be ported to Android as well as Windows Phone 7 phones. The company will also launch a series of Facebook and console games. Following is a snippet of its upcoming line up:

Gobliins 2 (iPhone)
Gobliins 2 is ahighly acclaimed second episode of the brain busting puzzler trilogy, Goblins. Goblins series is an Atari/Amiga game from the early 90's that became one of the first hits in the puzzle platformer genre. This time, the Prince Buffoon has been kidnapped by the evil Amoniak. Travel through the lands of Gobliins 2 to rescue him. You will work with Fingus and Winkle, two gobliins who possess different powers that you will have to use in a strategic sequence to finish the puzzles. Help them seek Tazaar's help in order to find the Prince.

Burn It All (iPhone, iPad, WP7, Bada, Mac)
Developed by Pastagames and BulkyPix, Burn It All, is a highly addictive puzzle game where your objective is to burn through everything on your path with the help of 3 little flames, each one with its own set of skills.

Tiny Token Empires (iPhone, iPad)
Developed by BIP Media, Tiny Token Empire is an amazing turn-based strategy game. The player plays one of the five major ancient empires: Rome, Greece, Egypt, Persia, or Carthage. By developing cities and armies, and annexing new territories, the player gradually expands his power over the world! But Tiny Token Empires™ is also a "casual" strategy game that doesn't take itself too seriously. It contains a crazy comical universe: goofball gods, super cute mythological monsters, clown legionnaires, and much more.

Hills of Glory : WWII (iPhone, iPad, PC, Android)
After a successful launch of Babel Rising, White Birds Productions brings another fantastic tower defense game to the Apple platform. Project WWII takes during Second World War and offers another terrific adventure with funny and polished graphics.

The Deskplorers (iPhone, iPad)
Deskplorers is an original, highly entertaining, early-learning game designed for children ages 6 and up, which they can play either on their own or along with their parents. The gameplay is straightforward: the player reads the story, and looks for the objects that the characters are seeking to help them on their way. There are six chapters to each story. To unlock a chapter you must find the right objects scattered throughout the Catalog. To acquire the objects, players engage in a series of minigames to earn points, which are in turn used for purchasing the needed items.

Last King of Africa 2 (iPhone, iPad)
Benoit Sokal Masterpiece invites you back to the heart of Africa for another spectacular adventure. In the Last King of Africa episode 2 Ann's journey across Maurania continues. Going into the heart of the country, Ann will find out more about her forgotten past. Explore the mysterious village of the Molgraves who never let their feet touch the ground, enter the depths of the fabulous emerald mine and find out the secrets of a country on the edge of a revolution.

Jungle Ball Project (iPhone, iPad)
Your goal in this funny physics puzzler puzzle is to use your extendable sticky arm to help the fluffy ball reach the Bull's Eye with as few clicks as possible.

Galamon Space (iPhone)
Galamon Space is a vertical platformer where you help a little alien to go up into the space trying to avoid numerous obstacles in its wake.

"We have a terrific line up of games scheduled for this year. There is something for everyone here: from action FPSs or brain busting puzzlers, educational apps for kids to Tower Defense games and MMOs for those who want to conquer the world" said Vincent Dondaine, COO of BulkyPix. "We want to provide gamers with amazing entertainment, regardless of the hardware they use, or when and where they want to play. Our line up will cater to the rapidly expanding global audience of gamers and offer them a wide variety of interactive experiences they will love."


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