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BulkyPix Brings Globulos Mania to iOS Today


San Francisco, USA and Paris, France September 15th, in the year of our Lord 2011 -GlobZ, Revo Solutions and Bulkypix are happy to announce that Globulos Mania for iPhone and iPad is now available at the App Store. After a wildly successful release for the Nintendo DS, Globz Studio has decided to team up with Revo Solutions as their development partner and Bulkypix as publisher for the iOS port.

The game has been twice nominated at the Independent Games Festival and winner of the "game of the year" for mobile consoles by the Milthon European Games Awards jury who were particularly enthusiastic about the game's extensive multiplayer modes and features. Globulos Mania combines a wide range of sports and game modes to provide countless hours of gameplay for both solo as well as multiplayer players.

Control your Globulos, plan your strategies and...

Globulos are funny and colorful little creatures who live in your garden. They love to squabble and compete against each other in games combining elements of sports, arcade and strategy genres.

You can precisely control your Globulos with just your fingers: press down to give the force and the direction. The larger the motion of your finger swipe, the faster and stronger the Globulos will slide. Players have a limited time in which to prepare their moves simultaneously. When they are ready, the Globulos slide and players watch the resulting antics. At its core, Globulos is a dynamic turn-based game where strategy and preparation result in fun and exciting fast and furious results.

Beat your opponent!

Globulos Mania really shines in its multiplayer modes. It supports local Wifi, 3G and even 2 players on the same device. Players will be able to compete in 20 different game modes:

Most popular outdoor sports sports (Soccer, Rubgy, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey)
Pub sports (Flipper, Darts, Pool, Bowling)
Exotic sports (Sumo, Pétanque, Funky-Foot)
Crazy games (Tic-tac-toe, Croquet, Bomber).

The game will be available free with several initial game modes and players will be able to continue to expand their game experience with new game modes and features through in-app purchases.

20 game modes: Snooker, Bowling, Soccer, Basket, Sumo...
5 multiplayer modes
Unique and fun graphical universe
Customizeable Globulos players
Record your best games to see them again and share them with your friends
Multiplayer via 3G/Local Wifi/ 2 players on one device
Game center/Openfeint

Globulos is available for download for iPhone/iPad NOW. The game is free. You can download is from here:



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