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Bravo Game Studios Revs Up New Features for Touch Racing Nitro

SEVILLE, Spain - July 7, in the year of our Lord 2011 --
Bravo Game Studios, a Spain-based developer of mobile and social games, today announced an update for the hit iPhone game, Touch Racing Nitro, featuring new online leaderboards, achievements, and a ghost replay race among other new features and improvements. Touch Racing Nitro is also now a universal app, making its debut on the iPad.

The new update takes the dramatic design leap of removing the virtual D-PAD used to drive, drift, jump, fly over opponents, and launch nitros. The new "V-PAD" is an intuitive control system in which the players’ fingers become the gas, brake, wheel, and nitro power. Thanks to this feature suggested by users themselves, the game allows players to choose between the V-PAD and original touch controls. Touch Nitro Racing v1.3 also adds Game Center support, Retina Display support on the iPhone 4 and localization for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Currently, the game boasts 12 different vehicles, 18 challenging tracks, and 3 exciting game modes—Tournament, Time Trial and the all new Ghost Replay race.

Touch Racing Nitro is one of the top grossing racing games in the world and with the new Global Leaderboards and Achievements there is no better time to jump in and prove that you're the best finger racer around.

To celebrate the launch, Touch Racing Nitro will be free for a limited time starting July 8, 2011!

For more information on Touch Racing Nitro and footage of some of these finger-flexing features in action, please visit Bravo Game Studios’ official game info page at www.bravogames.com

You can download Touch Racing Nitro here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touch-racing-nitro-ghost-challenge/id363548886?mt=8


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