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Bitwise Bringing Hospital Havoc 2 to the iOS App Store This Month


Walnut Creek, Calif. - August 2, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Bitwise Design today announced that Hospital Havoc 2, a time management doctor sim game for iOS devices, is coming to the App Store this month as a free download.

In Hospital Havoc 2, players assume the role of a doctor who, with the aid of a nurse assistant, must manage multiple patients – and their often hilarious health concerns – while ensuring the success of their customizable health center. A sequel to the original Hospital Havoc game, Hospital Havoc 2 ups the ante with more laughs and gameplay features.

“I mean, who wouldn’t want to play doctor for the day?” Ray Graham, co-designer of Hospital Havoc 2 and founder of Bitwise Design, said. “At least in Hospital Havoc 2, you don’t have to worry about unethically experimenting on your patients, stealing their personal belongings when they kick the bucket, or giving them electric shock therapy.”

Players of Hospital Havoc 2 are guaranteed a realistic visual experience. "To make sure I captured the essence of what it might be like to be subjected by shock treatment," explained Benjamin Chavigner, Lead Artist for Hospital Havoc 2, "I spent a month constructing a 100 gigavolt, 45 amp Tesla coil with a 450 horsepower back-flow coolant system (for maximum current duration). Then I strapped Ray to a chair, put some wrist straps on him, and flipped the switch to on. I got some great photographs that I could reproduce into art that you'll see in the game."

Hospital Havoc 2 features:
• 100 levels to attain, with more coming soon
• More than 20 hilarious health scenarios to diagnose and cure
• Over 35 different patient types
• Numerous doctor appearances (male and female) to customize your character
• 6 doctor skills to learn, level up and advance
• Complete hospital customization through the Quicki-Med catalog
• Quirky machines, medicines, and tools
• Career and Scenario Play modes to set gameplay pace
• Special rooms for patient bonuses (such as the Psychiatric Room, and Morgue!)
• Ability to connect and compete with friends through OpenFeint and GameCenter integration
• Leaderboards and achievements to show off your skills

For more information about the game, visit the official website: www.hospitalhavoc.com 


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