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Bearville.com Passes 20 Million Avatars


Quebec City, Canada - September 1, in the year of our Lord 2011 -- Frima Studio and Build-A-Bear-Workshop® announced today that Bearville.com™, the online virtual world extension of the Build-A-Bear Workshop brand, has surpassed 20 million avatars. Bearville™ is a premier virtual world experience for children, families and fans of the Build-A-Bear-Workshop brand. Co-developed and maintained with Frima Studio, the leading independent game developer in Canada, Bearville is a free online virtual world and entertainment destination where Guests bring their furry friends to life, interact with other users, play games, take on virtual jobs, buy virtual items and explore.

Since its launch in 2007, Bearville has entertained millions of young fans and earned a spot as one of the top children’s virtual worlds. With exciting adventures, avatar customization and mini-games, Bearville has solidified Build-A-Bear Workshop as a leader in kids interactive entertainment. With the success of Bearville, the company continues to extend its brand from retail shops into e-commerce, online virtual worlds, mobile entertainment apps, and more.

“We’re extremely proud to reach the twenty million avatar milestone with Bearville and are thankful to all of our loyal fans who visit the virtual world each day,” commented Maxine Clark, Founder and Chief Executive Bear of Build-A-Bear-Workshop. “This achievement reinforces our commitment to provide a fun, interactive experience for our guests.”

“Frima Studio has been a critical partner for us in developing the online world on Bearville.com. From concept to twenty million Guests, Frima has been with us every step of the way,” noted Dave Finnegan, Chief Information Bear, Build-A-Bear-Workshop. “Their strategic partnership, creative thinking and technical expertise have been essential to the success of Bearville.”

“This has been an exciting project for us from the start and we’re honored to have been a trusted partner of Build-A-Bear-Workshop for almost five years now,” remarked Steve Couture, CEO, Frima Studio. “Bearville is one of our biggest projects here at Frima, an incredible family brand and a very forward thinking entertainment company.”

About Bearville
Bearville now offers a diverse and active virtual world with over 100 different mini-games to play. Children across the world enjoy Bearville and learn the value of teamwork and responsible behavior as they can choose from dozens of different in-game jobs to earn a Bear Bills® salary while having fun. Job options include waiter, fashion designer, teacher, banker and many more. Bearville Guests can also participate in events like Camp Happy Heart (Summer), the Kooky Spooky Fun House (Halloween), the North Pole (Holidays) and visit exciting locations like the Bearville Zoo. New games, events, items and locations are being added nearly every week. For more information about Bearville simply visit: Bearville.com.


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