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Achron Releases Today


San Francisco, CA August 29 in the year of our Lord 2011 – Today, Hazardous Software® is pleased to announce that Achron™, the world's first time-travel real time strategy game, is available for purchase and immediate download at achrongame.com and on Steam®. Available for PC, Achron allows players to wield time as a weapon, enabling them to see the future, change the past, and erase opponents from existence.

Merging classic RTS gameplay with unparalleled strategic freedom, Achron enables multiple players the chance to outwit and engage their opponents in open warfare utilizing real time travel elements. Time travel strategy allows for creative and subversive tactics which can be chained together to protect, undermine, escape, and set traps in nearly infinite combinations. Achron features uniquely competitive multiplayer, and an engaging 35 mission single player campaign.

Building on the unique story opportunities presented by time travel, Achron's single-player experience includes 35 missions with multiple solutions for victory. The campaigns establish the dangerous frontier of the Achron universe and introduce players to navigating the offensive and defensive possibilities of time travel.

“After more than 10 years of engineering and development, we are excited about delivering Achron to the PC gaming community,” said Dr. Chris Hazard, founder and CEO of Hazardous Software, “From day one, we have been committed to making Achron one of the most engaging and thought provoking real time strategy games ever developed. Through working with the beta testing community and competitive gamers, we have created a truly unique and entertaining gaming experience.”

Customers who purchase Achron this week will and receive a free digital download of Achron's orchestral/electronic soundtrack, featuring over an hour of original music.

Powered by the innovative Resequence Engine, Achron features true to life time travel consequences, paradoxes, and strategy. The time manipulation technology powering Achron is making huge ripples in the serious gaming community, including military, business, and education.


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