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505 Games to Bring Johnny Test to Nintendo DS


Agoura Hills, CA March 16, in the year of our Lord 2011 Global video game publisher 505 Games announced today that it is bringing Johnny Test™, Cookie Jar Entertainments hit animated TV show on Cartoon Network, to the Nintendo DS™ on March 29, 2011. Strap on your turbo-charged backpack in the series first ever full-length videogame,and pushing the limits of reality with Johnny Test and all of your favorite friends and foes from the show, including his super talking dog Dukey, his twin genius inventor sisters Mary and Susan, next-door neighbor Gil and villains Bling Bling Boy, Mr. Wacko, and Brain Freezer!

Entering its fifth season, Johnny Test is one of Cartoon Networks most watched shows, featuring some of the most iconic and recognizable characters on the network. In this sidescrolling platform adventure available exclusively on the Nintendo DS, the best-selling videogame system of all time, Johnny tampers with Susan and Marys Real Life Simulator machine, inadvertently allowing Mr. Wacko access to the machine, who uses it to turn the town of Porkbelly into a Medieval city! If that werent enough, Brain Freezer is holding the twins beloved Gil Nexdor hostage! Johnny and Dukey will push all the limits with numerous laboratory gadgets trying to fix this experiment gone wrong. They will have to break some rules in order to stop the bad guys and save Porkbelly all before his parents find out.

Johnny Test Game Features:

* 12 Hilarious Levels! Play through 12 mind-bending levels of non-stop adventure, including side-splitting story and video game parodies.
* Alter-Ego Gameplay: Play as Johnny or as his alter egos: Johnny X or Trooper J!
* Push the Limits: Speed limits, time limits, physical limits with a fantastic collection of gadgets fresh from the laboratory and power-ups galore!
* Customize Yourself: Change Johnnys mood and ego as you play through each different level, utilizing his attitude to help advance in each situation.

Prepare for non-stop action with Johnny Test coming to Nintendo DS in North America on March 29th and to Europe in September 2011. Johnny Test is rated E10+ by the ESRB. For more information on 505 Games please visit: www.505games.com.


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