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In the year of our Lord

In the year of our Lord 2005 Family Friendly Gaming came into existence. It dawned on a few people that there was no Christian video game magazines. All of the video game magazines on the market call good evil, and evil good. No one was standing up for Christians in the publishing world of video game magazines. In fact the opposite was true. Christians were being mocked by those who ran the video game magazines at that time.

A few bold people stood up, and said no. An innovative, and note worthy direction was begun. A small band of believers got together, and decided to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the video game magazine arena. This small band of believers formed the first ever Christian video game magazine - Family Friendly Gaming. The innovations did not end there, as they decided to sell the magazine in hard copy format, CD format, and online format. Family Friendly Gaming was also the first to provide a comprehensive listing of all the Christian video game developers.

The website came out on 03/13/2005 to announce the arrival of the magazine. Just before June 2005 Family Friendly Gaming issue #1 came out with Bibleman on the front cover. The reaction from the Christian community was excitement, and interest. Issue #1 was so ground breaking that Dightman's stores in Tacoma, WA carried it. Church goers all over the Pacific Northwest were discussing this revolutionary new magazine. Non-Christian gamers took an interest as well. In fact Family Friendly Gaming receives a lot of comments from them in regards to how fair and balanced the website and magazine are.

One of the motto's of Family Friendly Gaming is: "we are not politically correct, we are Biblically correct." This motto has served all of the staff members quite well in getting across their vision for the project. Staff at Family Friendly Gaming embrace the traditional values, traditional history, and traditional definitions of words. They find it the height of arrogance (hubris) to try and reshape, re-mold, and redefine the world in a manner that is very destructive to society.

Family Friendly Gaming does not spend a lot of time exposing the frauds of political correctness. Instead they focus on the good video games that are friendly to the family. There are many video games out there that are not receiving the positive press they so richly deserve. Family Friendly Gaming steps up to the plate and rights that wrong. Staff at Family Friendly Gaming have found that focusing on these games improves their mood, outlook, and dispositions. There are quite a few good video games that help us improve in many different manners. It is the honor of the staff to bring these to the attention of gamers.

Since there are no good, historically accurate websites that founders of Family Friendly Gaming have been able to find to give a history of this ministry/business - it was decided to do our own. There is a wiki site that is enslaved by political correctness that is really not note worthy enough to even mention. It is interesting to note that Family Friendly Gaming is part business, and part ministry.

The founders of Family Friendly Gaming were quite pleased to receive their trademark from the US Patent and Trademark Offices in just under one year from the original application. The states attorneys were pleasant to work with, and supportive in many ways to the founders of this company.

Fairness is one of things that keeps Family Friendly Gaming separate from the secular gaming magazines. All those involved with Family Friendly Gaming decided early on that they would be fair with their reporting, editorials, previews, and reviews. Honesty would be the policy in dealing with advertisers, readers, fans, PR firms, and developers. Family Friendly Gaming was the first magazine to take the time to honestly report on all sides of the side effects of video games.

In January of the year of our Lord 2007 Family Friendly Gaming moved from the Pacific Northwest to Arkansas. This major undertaking was performed for multiple reasons that the owners of Family Friendly Gaming have expressed. A few of the reasons were the climate, people, area, educational system, and political system. Family Friendly Gaming experienced a few hiccups in that transitionary year, but have been able to work through all of them.

In October of the year of our Lord 2009 Family Friendly Gaming moved to the Memphis, TN area. Arkansas was always a stepping stone for the true end destination. The transition went much smoother this time, and explosive growth has happened.

{UPDATE September 5, 2014}

We freely allow developers and publishers to use any or part of our reviews in their advertisements free of charge. You may have noticed the cover of Hamsterz Life on the Nintendo DS that listed the review score from Family Friendly Gaming. Or you may have seen quotes on the front cover of Once Upon A Time for the Wii. Quotes are also on Happily Ever After Volume 1, and Volume 2 on the Nintendo DS. Numerous websites for games reference our respected reviews.

The Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval, as well the E3 Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals have been prominently displayed on numerous video game developer websites – including companies such as EA, and Activision. The Wappy Dog television commercial referenced the Family Friendly Gaming review. Numerous companies list quotes from Family Friendly Gaming reviews in their advertising campaigns,and websites. Family Friendly Gaming has never been provided any money for the usage of their reviews.

Late in 2008 Family Friendly Gaming started reviewing DVD's, and then a few months later started to review Blu-ray's. Movies, and television shows are both part of this expansion. Late 2009 Family Friendly Gaming expanded into iPod Touch/iPhone apps. July 2011 iPad apps started to be reviewed. Late in October 2011 we started a Youtube Channel. The Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame started in 2013. Original news stories on a variety of issues started in 2013. In June 2014 we added Google+, and Pinterest channels to compliment the Facebook and Twitter channels. Google+ closed down. On March 9, 2019 we started a Twitch channel.

Between April 2010 and March 2010 over one million unique IP addresses have accessed Family Friendly Gaming. On August 20, 2011 Family Friendly Gaming reached two million unique IP addresses. On July 4, 2013 FFG passed the three million mark of unique IP addresses. Currently the number is over 3.3 million (December 2013). Tracking changed in January 2014. We no longer have access to older IP addresses. Instead we now have tracking on how many hits, and how many unique IPs there are per month. In 2014 there have been between 600,000 and 900,000 in hits a month. Those hits are coming from 150,000 and 300,000 unique IP addresses each month.

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