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Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame


Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Since 1998 those of involved with Family Friendly Gaming have been promoting good games for families. We have been involved in the industry for decades. We are constantly honoring good games for families. The Holy Bible has been the set in stone standards we have applied to the definitions we use. Covering these games in a wide variety of forms has been the order of the day for these games. We wanted to do something additional, and special for some of the best of the best. Yes we have a rarely given seal of approval.

What about something else though? Some companies and some franchises deserve a lifetime achievement award. Which is usually given when that lifetime is over with. In video games a franchise can come back. Companies can come back. So after much prayer, fasting, and earnestly seeking God's will we have an exciting announcement. Welcome to the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. Here are the in year of our Lord 2022 inductees. Each inductee will receive a plaque to commemorate their status of as a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer.

A Boy and His Blob Trouble on Blobolonia - Absolute Entertainment

There are plenty of video games from back in the past that we remember very fondly. A Boy and His Blob Trouble on Blobolonia is one of those 8-bit NES video games. Families took a boy on an adventure with his blob. The blob would eat jelly beans to earn different powers. Those powers would allow the player to progress. For example the blob could turn into a ladder so the boy could climb up higher. Families could feel the fresh fun that was A Boy and His Blob Trouble on Blobolonia. This game bounces into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

The Oregon Trail - Broderbund

The video game industry has had its share of fun, entertaining, and educational video games. The Oregon Trail is one of the giants in this arena. The whole concept of going in wagon across America to get from the east to Oregon captures the American spirit perfectly. There are all kinds of hazards as players progress from home to where they plan on setting roots and building a new home. The nostalgia of this franchise continues this day with new video games kids and adults can enjoy. The Oregon Trail was slow and steady which rolls right into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Adam's Venture - Vertigo Digital Entertainment

Adam's Venture has had multiple video games released on a variety of different platforms. Adam's Venture proved that Christian video games are fun and interesting. The whole concept behind the variety of video games in this franchise proves to the world that Christian video games are just as good if not better than their worldly counterparts. Families can have a blast exploring the world of Adam's Venture in a safe and fun way. Adam's Venture swings into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Franklin A Birthday Surprise - The Game Factory

Video games designed for children usually get a bad rap from the angry, psycho haters in the video game industry. Franklin A Birthday Surprise is one of those games that shows those haters how good kids video games can be. Kids of all ages can Franklin A Birthday Surprise on the Playstation 2. This exploration side scrolling 2D video game has already earned the rarely given Family Friendly Gaming Seal of Approval. The years have been kind to Franklin A Birthday Surprise. It has now run into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

EA Sports Active 2 - EA Sports

There are tons of video games that many question. There are plenty of video games making the world a worse place to live in. One of the major knocks on the video game industry is sitting there and doing nothing. EA Sports Active 2 is one of those video games to help improve the image of the entire industry. Families can get real work outs thanks to EA Sports Active 2. This Wii, PS3, and Xbox 360 video game helped improve the lives of millions. EA Sports Active 2 has a strap for the arm and leg. Families can see their heart rates while they are exercising in EA Sports Active 2. EA Sports Active 2 sweats its way into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Nike+ Kinect Training - Xbox Game Studios

Nike+ Kinect Training is literally one of the best exercise video games of all time. It is fitting that Nike+ Kinect Training earns its way into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame the same year that EA Sports Active 2 did. Both of those games helped millions exercise and lose weight. Thanks to the Kinect sensor Nike+ Kinect Training accurately helped players identify areas they needed to work out in. Nike+ Kinect Training will slowly get more intense so families can improve their health. When it comes to replay value Nike+ Kinect Training earns that in spades. Nike+ Kinect Training stands tall in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

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