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Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame


Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Since 1998 those of involved with Family Friendly Gaming have been promoting good games for families. We have been involved in the industry for decades. We are constantly honoring good games for families. The Holy Bible has been the set in stone standards we have applied to the definitions we use. Covering these games in a wide variety of forms has been the order of the day for these games. We wanted to do something additional, and special for some of the best of the best. Yes we have a rarely given seal of approval.

What about something else though? Some companies and some franchises deserve a lifetime achievement award. Which is usually given when that lifetime is over with. In video games a franchise can come back. Companies can come back. So after much prayer, fasting, and earnestly seeking God's will we have an exciting announcement. Welcome to the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. Here are the in year of our Lord 2017 inductees. Each inductee will receive a plaque to commemorate their status of as a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer.

New Kid Co

New Kid Co made numerous video games that were family friendly, and kid friendly. From Dora the Explorer to Elmo video games, New Kid Co made plenty of games that improved the image of the video game industry. New Kid Co went out of business in 2005. That is the same year Family Friendly Gaming started the first ever Christian video game magazine. Family Friendly Gaming has been exploring games from New Kid Co and realizing just how much they meant to families for so many years. Tom and Jerry video games complimented Tiny Toons video games. Sesame Street and Disney based characters pleased families all over the world.

Peter Bury – Family Friendly Gaming

Peter Bury was the first ever Kid Gamer here at Family Friendly Gaming. Peter was also the first ever Teen Gamer here at Family Friendly Gaming. His contributions in videos, reviews, playing games, and creative ideas for new features have been extremely helpful. He started as inspiration for his parents. He quickly grew into the family business, and has made a splash. His comprehension of what makes a game family friendly shows wisdom beyond his years. Peter has earned his place in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

2K Play

What can be said about 2K Play that has not already been said? This company has published plenty of great games for kids and families. Their Nick Jr video game series has thrilled families for many years now. 2K Play embraced dance video games for kids. Their Dora video games continue to be enjoyed to this day. Their kid’s sports video games have us still swinging for the fences with Nickelodeon based characters alongside real baseball players. Kids know the 2K Play video games will safe and educational at the same time. Families can thank 2K Play for their years of wonderful games.

Peter Engelbrite - Inspired Idea

Peter Engelbrite created Captain Bible and Bible Builder for DOS. He was also a part of Wndows based video games: Scripture Solitaire, GodSpeed 3D, Christian Founders, "Red, White and Blue" and combo CD Truthware. Peter also created the game system of Interactive Parables. When we talk about giants in the Christian video game industry, we have to mention Peter Engelbrite. His contributions have made the entire video game industry. His focus on fun, as well as an eternal focus helped make classic video games mentioned already. We welcome Peter Engelbrite to the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Columns - Sega

Sega needed something to compete against Tetris. That is where Columns comes into play. This match three, drop three gems warmed the hearts of puzzle fans right from the beginning. When we talk about monumental puzzle games from the original days, Columns must be in the conversation. This puzzle game expanded our horizons as to what could be a drop down puzzle matching game. Columns required more strategy than Tetris. Columns are more colorful than Tetris. In many puzzle gamers eyes Columns is better than Tetris. The two of them can battle it out in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

High Heat Major League Baseball - 3DO

High Heat Major League Baseball only lasted for six years. In those six years we all learned what a baseball video game could be. Many of the aspects we see in MLB The Show came from High Heat Major League Baseball. For its time period High Heat Major League Baseball had the most realistic batter versus pitcher duels. Retro gamers enjoy High Heat Major League Baseball more than the current and modern baseball video games. High Heat Major League Baseball has pitched its way right into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. 3DO may be gone but the legacy of High Heat Major League Baseball continues on to this very day.

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