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Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame


Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame

Since 1998 those of involved with Family Friendly Gaming have been promoting good games for families. We have been involved in the industry for decades. We are constantly honoring good games for families. The Holy Bible has been the set in stone standards we have applied to the definitions we use. Covering these games in a wide variety of forms has been the order of the day for these games. We wanted to do something additional, and special for some of the best of the best. Yes we have a rarely given seal of approval.

What about something else though? Some companies and some franchises deserve a lifetime achievement award. Which is usually given when that lifetime is over with. In video games a franchise can come back. Companies can come back. So after much prayer, fasting, and earnestly seeking God's will we have an exciting announcement. Welcome to the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. Here are the in year of our Lord 2015 inductees. Each inductee will be sent a plaque to commemorate their status of as a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer.

Kinect - Microsoft Games

Nintendo started off the exercising gaming revolution with the Wii and motion controls. Microsoft could have just leap-frogged over the technology just barely like Sony did. Microsoft went another direction with the Kinect controls. This scanning your entire skeleton puts the gamer complete in the video game. Full body controls make dancing and exercise video games light years better than anything with motion controls. Kinect is also light years beyond any controller only video game. Gamers are no longer seen as fat, lazy, slobs who just sit on the couch thanks to Kinect. Instead they are seen as caring, considerate members of society who acknowledge the reality that exercise is good for all of us.

MLB The Show - Sony San Diego Studio

There has been one baseball video game franchise that has dominated for years. It is the MLB The Show franchise. Not only do the MLB The Show games look really good on the Sony video game home consoles, they play amazingly as well. As an added bonus MLB The Show looks, and plays great on the hand held Sony devices as well. If there is any reason to own one of those hand held devices - MLB The Show is it. This franchise feels like baseball. This franchise sounds like baseball stadiums. Sony San Diego Studio does one thing really well - baseball simulation video games. They have done it so well that they have earned their place in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Kinectimals - Frontier Developments

Kinectimals is one of the few video games to ever receive a perfect one hundred score from Family Friendly Gaming. The sequel (Kinectimals now with bears) missed that perfect mark by one point. Kids love to play with Kinectimals video games. It is so much fun to interact with your own digital cat or bear in the Kinectimals video games. Family members are up on their feet while they interact with their digital pets. Which means exercise is received while having a really good time. Kinectimals spawned all kinds of different clones. Other companies realized what Frontier Developments and Microsoft Game Studios had on their hands - a Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Famer.

Yolanda Bury - Family Friendly Gaming

Yolanda Bury’s contributions to Family Friendly Gaming over the decades is uncountable. She has worked on art direction, proofing, playing games, writing columns, contributing at brain storming sessions and more. She has boldly stood up for good women role models, and a Biblical understanding of where men and women sit in relationships. She routinely takes her problems to God, and then her husband. Her ideas, concepts, and wisdom over the years has helped steer the giant ship known as Family Friendly Gaming. The Female Side of Gaming exists today because of her hard work. Yolanda Bury has shown herself to be as much a pioneer as Family Friendly Gaming has. She has earned her place in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame ten times over.

Tetris - Alexey Pajitnov

There are a couple of video games that almost every single human being on planet Earth knows about. Tetris is one of those video games. Tetris has become a cultural icon, and has been presented on many video game systems in a variety of formats. Tetris has launched revolutions, and systems. Alexey Pajitnov is the originator of Tetris, so he is being acknowledged here with Tetris. Puzzle games exist in video games because of Tetris. The distinctive music in Tetris will get stuck in your head. Just like the desire to beat just one more level. Get one more line matched up with those blocks. Tetris has dropped its way into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

The Bible Game - Mass Media

Crave Entertainment knew Mass Media was creating a product that the fanatical zealot closed minded extremely left wing gaming media would not appreciate. Bigotry against Christians is nothing new. Thanks to The Bible Game on the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gameboy Advance the video game industry was able to see it. Not only did Mass Media make an amazing video game that families all over the world could enjoy they also made a video game that stands the test of time. The home console version is a party game with all kinds of fun mini games. There is also amazing Christian music and a few questions here and there. The hand held version of this little game is a quest more epic than any Zelda video game. The Bible Game stood up to the bullies and showed that Christian video games, concepts and ideas are still relevant and important in this day and age. The Bible Game earns its place in the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Adventures of Lolo - Hal Laboratory

One of the best franchises of all time was released on the 8-bit NES. The Adventures of Lolo had three games on that home console. They were Adventures of Lolo, Adventures of Lolo 2, and Adventures of Lolo 3. Retro gamers still appreciate the depth of these three puzzle video games that required the player to be smart, efficient, and quick. Few modern video game franchises have been able to match what the Adventures of Lolo games did. Hal Laboratory made one of the most epic franchises back on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System. The Adventures of Lolo earns its way with thoughtful contemplation into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame.

Farming Simulator - Focus Home Interactive

It does not matter if you are talking about the Personal Computer, hand helds, or home consoles. The Farming Simulator franchise has conquered all of them. Sure the Family Friendly Gaming coverage has helped spike their sales. It is a mutual respect because the Farming Simulator video games are so much fun. Plus they help remind us of all the hard work farmers go through to bring food to our tables. Planting, and harvesting are essential sections of life, and the Farming Simulator franchise keeps that in the forefront of our minds. Out of all the simulation video games out there on the market Farming Simulator has distinguished itself as honest, genuine, real, and important. Years ago Focus Home Interactive planted their way into the Family Friendly Gaming Hall of Fame. It is time for them to harvest it.

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