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Cars Movie Kit


Cordova, TN; February 4, in the year of our Lord 2015 -- It has been a long time since I have written an Editor's Desk that went straight online. We have been so busy doing videos and trying to get the money to make Family Friendly Gaming full time after I lost my day job as a Software Developer. I have also been looking for a new day job. When Disney sent us the figures for Elena of Avalor we did an Unboxing video. I found out they liked the Unboxing video but also wanted something written. So both sides agreed we would write something when the next special package was sent. Guess what? One has been sent. That special package is the Cars 3 Movie Kit. You can see the Unboxing video right here. I am going to write about the movie night we had with the Cars 3 Movie Kit. It was a pretty fun movie night too. If you want to read the review then please click here.

The boys messed up in the Unboxing video and did not realize the tablecloth could be opened up even more. In fact that table cloth can fit some pretty big tables. The content within the Cars 3 Movie Kit is the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital, cups, bowls for popcorn, napkins, plates, Uno, Mrs Fritter figure, a large Lightning McQueen stuffed pillow, and the tablecloth. All of these are Cars 3 related. The boys are really getting a lot of use out of the Cars 3 Uno deck. We had a blast with all of this while we watched Cars 3. We used the napkins, bowls, and more while watching Cars 3. Noah still will not let go of the Lightning McQueen stuffed pillow. He has been sleeping with it. He liked it that much. He also kept wanting to know when Lightning McQueen was going to go blue like the stuffed pillow. There was certainly more content found within the Cars 3 Movie Kit than we were expecting here at Family Friendly Gaming.

Cars 3 Movie Kit

I am very thankful we were sent the Cars 3 Movie Kit. It was quite an experience for us. It started with the Unboxing video, and has continued through the movie. The final step has been the writing of the review and this Editor's Desk column. The pillow, tablecloth, and figure will last for quite some time. The bowls are already used up, the napkins are used up, and the other disposable items will be gone soon. We might try to keep something for a special future date. I am not sure about that. Time will tell. Thankfully what happened in Cars 3 did not hurt the brand too badly. You will have to see the movie to understand that reference. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

God bless you and yours,
Paul Bury
Editor in Chief
Family Friendly Gaming

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