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Crazy Escape


Saving a sheep from a hungry wolf isn't easy - but you'll be able to do so with a simple swipe of your finger when BulkyPix's Crazy Escape hits the App Store for both iPad and iPhone devices in mid October! The game, created by the development team at Kool Fing, combines the excitement of cat and mouse pursuit with the sharp design of a puzzle game.

Along with enjoyable, innovative gameplay, Crazy Escape also includes rich graphics and character animations that bring this cartoon-style world to life, making it a game that players of all ages can easily get into. The stage layout also makes it easy to plot your course, so you can pick up sheep that are chained up in the fields, as well as those that are picked up by the wolf leader. You can also attempt to pick up bonus stars scattered throughout the stage, if you feel lucky enough to steer yourself to victory.


Name: Crazy Escape
System: iPad/iPhone
Publisher: Bulkypix
Developer: Bulkypix
Release Date: October 20, 2011