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Bibleman A Fight For Faith


Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval 



Bibleman A Fight for Faith 


Bibleman is one major behemoth. This reviewer was humbled to be able to take the time to play such a well known brand name. If you are not aware of who Bibleman is, then you need to learn (and fast). Bibleman is a Christian DVD/VHS series that is a superhero, sci-fi theme. This reviewer's eldest son is totally into Bibleman, Biblegirl, and especially Cypher. Put on the full armor of God, as we analyze Covenant Studios, Inc.'s first title. Some seriously high expectations were thrown at this title, and most of that has to do the DVD it is based off of.

Graphically Covenant Studios hit a home run as far as this reviewer is concerned. The overhead view is exactly what this reviewer is into (think of the Sims, or Ultima Online). The level of detail of the characters, and items is done really well. The Biblecave is an extra special treat. There are games that are more graphically intense on the PC (Personal Computer), and they require the latest hardware to run them. Bibleman does a very good job in the graphical department, without forcing the player to upgrade their PC. The graphics are bright, colorful, good details, and realistic artwork. There are images that promote a relationship with Jesus Christ. Wholesome images are also used properly. Enemies vanish after being vanquished.

The Wacky Protestor has one of the funniest lines in the game (Bibleman and a chrome bumper is what it is in regards to). All of the voices from the DVD are on this game, and that totally rocks. Speaking of rocking, this game includes original music from the Rock N' Roll Worship Circus. An alter call is given at the end of the game that comes directly from the DVD. A few of the audio clips are repeated a bit too often, but that is forgivable.

There is not a lot in the way of extras in this game. There are three difficulty settings, and different settings to add to the difficulty of the game. Play starts with Cypher, and/or Biblegirl. Bibleman is unlocked in the game. This game is for one player at a time. This reviewer feels that ones hard earned money is well spent on a game like this. It took this reviewer four hours to beat the first time on easy, however children will take longer on this game.

The controls work really well in this game. The one issue this reviewer had is how short Cypher, and Bibleman have with their reach in deflecting shots back at the enemies. None of your superheroes can attack the enemies directly. The enemies shoot at the player, and the player deflects the shot back at the enemy. There are also levels that involve finding certain items, and then finding the right person. The best level is the unbeatable level (talk about shocking the player). This reviewer also found this game a whole lot of fun to play while it lasted. Who doesn't want to play as Bibleman, Biblegirl, or Cypher?

This game is very family friendly. Enemies vanish after being shot, family values are promoted, a Christian world view is taught, awesome teachings are in it, pastors would play this game, it was a joy to review, and you gotta know that we want a sequel to this game. Covenant Studios did an awesome job with their first game, and we are expecting a lot of great things from them in the future. The hard to earn Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval is also bestowed.
- Paul


Graphics: 97%
Sound: 100%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 98%
System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Covenant Studios 
ESRB Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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