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Fruit Ninja VR 


Did you enjoy the YouTube live stream I did of Fruit Ninja VR? If you missed it please click here as soon as possible. Fruit Ninja VR has some really cool things going for it. There is a solid gameplay concept behind this fruit slicing and dicing video game. There are also some aspect to this game I am not fond of.

Fruit Ninja VR is played on the Playstation 4 VR system with two wands. We get two swords and we slice fruit up for points. There are four modes in Fruit Ninja VR. The four modes are Survival, Classic, Zen, and Arcade. Survival is brutal since you can only miss three fruit before it is game over.

The biggest issue I have with Fruit Ninja VR is the random nature of what fruit appears. There are fruit that freeze the rest of them (making it easier to get all of them), and there are fruit that will multiply your points. If you get those multiple times then you will get more points than when you don’t I had one game where I got them a lot and got over 1600 points. I made mistakes and missed fruit too. I had another game where I did everything perfectly and only scored five hundred points. It depends on what randomly appears in Fruit Ninja VR. Which is a real shame.

I had issues seeing the fruit in Fruit Ninja VR. Since we are in virtual reality fruit may spawn out of your range of vision. I kept looking around trying to see fruit because it only stays on the screen for a few short seconds. This led to more frustration and some funny feelings in my head. Fruit Ninja VR did not get my sick but probably would have if I played it for much longer.

Fruit Ninja VR sounds good and it looks nice. I loved being able to slice the fruit. Why does the fruit sometimes bounce off my sword blades? The bombs do from time to time as well so I guess it is all relative. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming had the money to purchase Fruit Ninja VR on the PS4 VR. Yes we did get a PEGI rated version.
- Peter


Graphics: 85%
Sounds: 85%
Replay/Extras: 77%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%

System: PS4 VR
Publisher: Halfbrick Studios
Developer: Halfbrick Studios
Rating: ‘3’ – Everyone THREE and OLDER ONLY

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