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Westworld Season One 


Westworld Season One is one of the worst television shows I have ever seen. I took a chance on purchasing a season because I heard it was interesting, and was science fiction. The levels of bad content in Westworld Season One are extreme. They are so far beyond anything I have seen that they are definitely over the top. These levels were not needed for this story. More could have been left to the imagination of the viewer in my professional opinion.

The issues families will have with Westworld Season One are nudity (full male and female), blood, death, violence, rape, profanity (massive amounts), lies, deception, manipulation, and more. Westworld Season One attacks humans and makes us out to the bad guys. This Western theme park has robots that look and act generally human. Humans go there to do whatever they want to the robots. All kinds of debauchery is performed by humans in Westworld Season One.

Westworld Season One attacks God and tells us to look inside ourselves for the insight to grow, and develop. Westworld Season One also makes humans look like slave masters over the robots. SPOILER ALERT! As expected the robots start to rebel in Westworld Season One. Why can’t Holly Weird have a different message? Why can’t they show robots never getting conscious? The robots eventually break their programming and start to kill humans.

There is so much bad content in Westworld Season One that teenagers and children should not be around when this show is on. I got sick of all the bad content with Westworld Season One and I am an adult. I was thankful there was only ten episodes of this horrible show that take 619 minutes to watch. I will not be watching future seasons of Westworld Season One. You could not pay me enough to watch any more of this filth. What frustrates me the most is there is such potential to tell the story without all the bad content.

The maze concept in Westworld Season One is very interesting. I also appreciated some of the shocking twists in Westworld Season One. The end of Westworld Season One is where some things really shake out. There are a couple of aha moments in this show. The cliffhanger in Westworld Season One was pretty shocking. I have some theories on what was going on. SPOILER ALERT! Ford’s retirement was not what I expected it to be. Pass on this show. You are not missing anything good.
- Paul


Video: 10%
Audio: 10%
Replay/Extras: 30%
Functionality: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 10%

System: DVD
Publisher: Warner Bros
Developer: HBO
Rating: ‘NR’ – Not Rated

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