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The Outer Limits Season Three





The Outer Limits Season Three 


I am continuing my exploration of the 1990s The Outer Limits television show. The last one I purchased was The Outer Limits Season Three. There are all kinds of interesting moral and ethical dilemmas in The Outer Limits Season Three. Technology, aliens, clones, truth, control, government, and more are explored in The Outer Limits Season Three. This is a very thought provoking television show. At times they get things right and other times they are way off.

The issues families will have with The Outer Limits Season Three are lack of attire, enticement to lust, nudity, sex outside of marriage, bad language, violence, blood, religious teachings of evolution, attacks on Christians and more. It took me thirteen hours and thirty minutes to watch The Outer Limits Season Three from start to finish. The last episode is a throw away episode that recaps the show and tries to tie it together. Sadly some of the tie ins are not what was on the show.

I do not agree with all of the lessons in The Outer Limits Season Three. I do appreciate some of the concepts that are explored. What we accept as truth is one of them. Clones being used to replace prominent figures is another interesting concept. Would you die to save the rest of the human race of enslavement? I know my answer to that question. I would lay down my life to save the rest of humanity just like Jesus Christ did.

I noticed more well known and prominent actors and actresses from that era in The Outer Limits Season Three. The show was garnering interest and higher profile people wanted to participate in these one off television shows. The Outer Limits Season Three usually has some kind of twist you are not expecting. Aliens are not always evil. Humans are generally portrayed as being bad or wrong in some way.

I plan on continuing my exploration of this series in the future. Once I can get the money for season four, and have time to watch it – I will. No promises on a timeline though. I feel like my money was well spent on The Outer Limits Season Three. I enjoyed my time with this show. It does have issues that make this show an adult only show in my opinion.
- Paul


Graphics: 44%
Sound: 57%
Replay/Extras: 79%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: DVD
Publisher: MGM
Developer: Alliance Films
Rating: '14' for FOURTEEN and OLDER ONLY

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