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Peter Rabbit





Peter Rabbit 


Yolanda told me there was some controversy surrounding this movie as we were watching it. After watching Peter Rabbit I figured the controversy would the offensive far left, extremely radicalized religious beliefs about animals being equal to humans, protecting the Earth, and all obnoxious proselytizing. To my shock and dismay I looked up the controversy and it was over a food allergy. That did not even register on my radar compared to the radicalization in this movie.

Peter Rabbit and his other animals are stealing from this elderly gentleman's garden (Mr McGregor is his name). They wind up killing him thanks to all of the stress they create. The animals move into the house and trash it. A distant relative from London is given the estate and comes out to see it. His goal is to clean it up and sell it so he can create his own toy store.

Why does Thomas McGregor (the heir) want to create his own toy store? He was stiffed out of a promotion he feels he deserves because it is given to some relative of a higher up in the company. Peter Rabbit lets you know what it thinks of corporations. It should not shock us that Holly Weird always has vile, and wicked things to say about certain groups and organizations.

There are plenty of fights in Peter Rabbit. The rabbits are constantly attacking the humans they do not like. The rabbits are shown as being smarter than humans which offended me on so many levels. Will Sony apologize for that? Probably not, they only apologize to other radicals on the far left offended over something trivial. That scene showed how wicked the animals actually are in this movie.

I did not really enjoy Peter Rabbit. It was sort of there. I wish Thomas McGregor had not deceived Bea. Her character is really out of touch with reality in Peter Rabbit. She gives us a lot of the radicalization on the far left, and she is shown as an authoritative figured. I would say pass on Peter Rabbit. I feel like my money was wasted on this DVD. I doubt I will watch Peter Rabbit ever again.
- Paul


Video: 70%
Audio: 70%
Replay/Extras: 60%
Functionality: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: DVD
Publisher: Sony Pictures
Developr: Columbia Pictures
Rating: ‘PG’ - Parental Guidance Suggested
{Some Rude Humor and Action}

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