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Minnie Bow Be Mine





Minnie Bow Be Mine 


Girls can celebrate the release of Minnie Bow Be Mine on DVD. This Disney Junior show contains 144 minutes of entertainment for girls. There is plenty of music, and laughter in Minnie Bow Be Mine. Girls will see Minnie saving the day and male characters in multiple episodes. There are also moments of action within Minnie Bow Be Mine. Many of them end in funny situations.

Minnie Bow Be Mine consistently pushes to be positive and encouraging. One episode of Minnie Bow Be Mine encourages cooperation and discourages competition. I remember the work together concept from previous Happy Helper episodes. Cooperation can be good in a great many instances. Not every situation we find ourselves in though. I have to make that point.

We are taken to a lot of different locations and events in Minnie Bow Be Mine. Some of them are concerts, bands, real estate, dog show, scouts, golf, surfing, and more. The hippo Hilda is a very interesting character. She is shown as very powerful in Minnie Bow Be Mine. This DVD also shows some interesting conflicts. The best one is choosing your family or your friends.

The bonus content within Minnie Bow Be Mine are two music videos. There are multiple songs found within the episodes. Some of them are not very good. Which is actually by design and part of the humor within Minnie Bow Be Mine. I love how so many characters want to help out in Minnie Bow Be Mine. There is also an episode that teaches us it is just a game and do not get angry about losing.

I would describe Minnie Bow Be Mine as happy, and helpful. Solving the mystery was one of the most interesting episodes to me as an adult. Bird watching is something that kids can really get into. I hope there are more episodes in this series. Girls can really enjoy Minnie Bow Be Mine. This DVD can encourage girls to exercise, and feed their imagination.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 85%

System: DVD
Publisher: Disney
Developer: Disney Junior
Rating: Rating: ‘TV-Y’ - Directed to children 7 and older
Company provided product
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