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Joe Danger 


Joe Danger was one of the free games on the Xbox Game Pass. Family Friendly Gaming was given a free month of Xbox Game Pass. So we are able to play this game for free for one month. It was decided to do a review and check this game out. The sequel had already been reviewed by Family Friendly Gaming. This is a side scrolling 2D motorcycle jumping and tricks game.

We have to make certain achievements in Joe Danger. We must collect all the stars, beat the levels in so much time, and more to unlock additional levels. There are eleven areas in Joe Danger with five levels per area. Note you must score high enough in the first four levels to unlock the fifth level. Only one area can be played at a time in Joe Danger. Complete one to unlock the next one.

The music is meh in Joe Danger. The graphics did not impress me either. The controls work generally well. Having to jump and go backwards is obnoxious in my opinion. I hated having to replay levels to score better to unlock additional levels. The modes in Joe Danger are Career, The Lab, Achievements, Multiplayer, Choose Your Costume, Help & Options, Sandbox, and Exit Game.

Since we got Joe Danger for free I can only complain about the time lost, and the cost of editing and publishing a review. I see no value to this game whatsoever. If you want to pay money for Joe Danger then that is your choice. I never will. I found no information on a physical copy of Joe Danger in the United States at this time. If you know of one please email us.
- Peter


Graphics: 64%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: PC/PS3/Xbox 360(tested)
Publisher: Hello Games
Developer: Hello Games
Rating: ‘E' - Everyone
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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