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The Magnificent Seven




The Magnificent Seven 


There are times Holly Weird surprises even me. I can not believe some times how far they will go showing how much venom and hatred they have for certain groups. The Magnificent Seven is the perfect example of this. The Magnificent Seven is racist, and venomous toward capitalists. This movie does this while redefining a well known western movie.

The issues families will have with The Magnificent Seven are violence, blood, death, bad language, lack of attire, smoking, drinking, racism, and more. The storyline in The Magnificent Seven makes no sense. A rich capitalist is mining near a town. He decides to buy out the town and force these people off their land. He low ball offers them a price for their land.

The whole concept of the story in The Magnificent Seven makes no sense. Why buy these people out? They are not living on gold. Why pay for an army of gun slingers to kill the entire townfolk? Why hire a second army to take out what is left of the town and their hired protectors? It makes no sense. A real and true capitalist would have protection of his mine and miners. He would ignore the nearby town.

Chris Pratt saves this movie from being even worse. His funny comments and interesting character is the only shining light in The Magnificent Seven. The rest of the diverse cast was obviously only there to promote the radical, fanatical far left zealot beliefs of Holly Weird. I notice how the only character that was Christian of the seven was killed off. Interesting how Holly Weird takes time to kill Christians.

It took me 133 minutes to watch The Magnificent Seven on DVD. The special features are Directing the Seven, Rogue Bogue, The Seven, and Magnificent Music. The Magnificent Seven was a real downer to watch and review. Holly Weird can not even stick to their own history, and their own past movies. The evil, vile, and wicked redefiners ruined The Magnificent Seven.
- Paul


Graphics: 40%
Sound: 50%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 30%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: DVD
Publisher: Sony Pictures
Developer: Columbia Pictures
Rating: ‘PG-13’ for Parental Guidance suggested if under 13 years of age {Extended and Intense Sequences of Western Violence and for Historic Smoking, some Language and Suggestive Material}

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