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In the Heart of the Sea





In the Heart of the Sea 


If you have been watching the FFG Haul videos then you knew a review for In the Heart of the Sea on DVD was coming. If you have not been watching then please click here. This movie interested me because it was based on Moby Dick. I have not read Moby Dick in some years. So I am not sure how much of In the Heart of the Sea is accurate and how much is Holly Weird changing things.

In the Heart of the Sea contains some disturbing things. In the Heart of the Sea feels like an attack on God, Christians, and people that have a relationship with Jesus Christ. In the Heart of the Sea also makes sure to make humans look bad. The whale hunting the people is shown in a sympathetic light. In fact the whale is made to look more human than the humans.

In the Heart of the Sea has violent images, death, blood, bad language, and more. I really enjoyed seeing the sailing portions of In the Heart of the Sea. There is a class system shown in In the Heart of the Sea. Certain families are respected and believed more because of their last name. To me this is a serious problem. Places like Hollywood seem to think they are an elite class that should be held to a different standard than the rest of us. Certain politicians also act the same way.

In my opinion In the Heart of the Sea felt like more of a survival movie than a whaling movie. We only get one scene where whaling actually happens.That was one of the most interesting scenes to me. I wondered how they did things too. This one young man got injured by trying to grab the rope. I felt so bad for him. I was happy to see they finally got some whale oil.

The end of In the Heart of the Sea was really interesting. There is a mention of finding oil in the ground. If you know history then you know that is something that actually happened. In the Heart of the Sea is generally a forgettable movie. It has a few moments of interest. The cannibalism mention was not one of them. The Coast Guard did not exist back then though. Nor did radios calling out mayday.
- Paul


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: DVD
Publisher: Warner Bros Pictures
Developer: Village Roadshow Pictures
Rating: ‘PG-13’ for Parental Guidance suggested if under 13 years of age {intense sequences of action and peril, brief startling violence and thematic material}

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