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Gotham Season Three 


If you are up to date on the FFG Haul videos in the FFG Original region of the videos section of this website then you knew this review was coming. IF not, please check it out here. Gotham Season Three is a television show I watch alone. The kids do not watch this show with me. Gotham Season Three is a television show for adults only. The content gets that bad.

Gotham Season Three starts out horrible. It has violence, blood, macabre, morbid, gore, bad language, alcohol, tobacco, sexual deviancy, attacks on Biblical marriage, lies, deceit, sex outside of marriage, and more. Alliances shift in Gotham Season Three. Characters go from losers to in charge. Other characters go the opposite direction. Even the good characters are shown to have a darkness in them.

Gotham Season Three is really all about the villains. Sure we have the police, Bullock, and Gordon; but at its core Gotham Season Three really focuses on making the villains look cool. From the Joker to the Mad Hatter. Captain Barnes gets turned into a villain thanks to a virus. Characters in Gotham Season Three love to talk about how they want to kill someone else.

Penguin and Riddler play a major part of Gotham Season Three. Selina is starting to become more Cat-Woman in Gotham Season Three. Bruce is started to go toward the path of Batman in Gotham Season Three. Characters are killed and brought back in Gotham Season Three. Professor Strange is still a very interesting character in Gotham Season Three. His role is getting larger.

Gotham Season Three is as dark as the storylines and concepts. A ray of sunshine every once in awhile would be nice. I do not know if I will continue buying this show on Black Friday. I know it is definitely not worth more than ten dollars. There are a few bonus features like about the Court of Owls. It took me 957 minutes to watch all of Gotham Season Three from start to finish.
- Paul


Graphics: 20%
Sound: 30%
Replay: 60%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 10%

Publisher: Warner Bros
Developer: DC Comics
System: DVD
Rating: ‘NR’ - Not Rated

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