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Ever Oasis





Ever Oasis 


The PR and Marketing failures coming from Nintendo are getting worse. I did not know Ever Oasis was a city builder role playing game. I thought it was just a role playing game. I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming gave me the opportunity to play and review Ever Oasis on the Nintendo 3DS. I am thankful for all of the readers that send in donations to pay for this as well.

The problems found within Ever Oasis are lack of attire, enticement to lust, magic, spirits, Gaia religious indoctrination, violence, and more. Players must get resources to restock the shops in their oasis. Resources can be gathered from a variety of locales.

Truth be told I felt like a slave in Ever Oasis. I had to go get the resources, and find the people in the desert. I had to fight the monsters and save others. Someone constantly had some request of me. On some of the quests I was given assistance from other characters. Mainly it was up to me to do everything to save the oasis.

Ever Oasis has cool music that fits the theme of this ultra religious video game that tries to change the religious beliefs of the super majority of Americans. This Nintendo 3DS has adequate graphics for a hack and slash video game. Every time I saw the rainbow in Ever Oasis I thought of Noah’s Ark and God’s promise to all of us. God’s promises are so wonderful.

I felt like I was playing a Sonic video game since we were trying to defeat Chaos. There is a deep lack of originality in Ever Oasis. The most original thing in Ever Oasis is the desert. Maybe having an oasis for a town. I am sure plenty of role playing video games also had deserts and oasis’s in them. Maybe not the central theme of the game though.

In my professional opinion Ever Oasis is worth around ten dollars brand new. Fighting is simplistic, and the enemies telegraph their attacks. The town building portion is interesting but tiring.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: GREZZO Co
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY {Fantasy Violence}

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