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Warriors All-Stars




Warriors All-Stars 


I am grateful Family Friendly Gaming was given a digital download code for Warriors All-Stars on the Playstation 4. This 19.5 gig sized video game is also available in the physical copy format (on the PS4). Hardcore gamers can also purchase Warriors All-Stars on the Personal Computer (PC). This is a Warriors kind of a video game. That means we run around maps the hack and slash our way through thousands enemies.

The story mode brings together characters from a variety of Koei Tecmo franchises. I liked the ninja best. That reminds me. Warriors All-Stars is rated thirteen and older only. There are characters in Warriors All-Stars that are from seventeen and older only franchises. Families will most likely not recognize many of the characters in Warriors All-Stars. I did not recognize many of them.

The characters speak to us in Japanese. I could not find an option to turn on English speaking voice actors. The issues families will have with Warriors All-Stars are violence, enticement to lust, alcohol, demons, false gods, spirits, and more. The controls felt a little loose to me personally. I also felt that Warriors All-Stars is a bit on the slow side. Expect plenty of story scenes. A basic reading ability is needed if you do not speak Japanese.

I like the different difficulty settings in Warriors All-Stars. The easiest setting is great for gamers not into hours of hacking and slashing through thousands of the same looking characters. There are quite some characters in Warriors All-Stars too. Many of them could be considered offensive in certain circles. The presentation of Warriors All-Stars is top notch.

At times when I played Warriors All-Stars I noticed some input lag. I loved being able to skip the cut scenes. I wish Warriors All-Stars had English voice acting. I like how Warriors All-Stars gives players directions on where to go on the map. The easiest mode is great for gamers with less skills. I tried to say that nicely. Koei Tecmo has done Warriors for other franchises, so it is neat to see them do it for their own franchises. Fans of Dynasty Warriors will enjoy Warriors All-Stars.
- Sam


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 65%
Family Friendly Gaming: 55%

System: PC/PS4(tested)
Publisher: Tecmo Koei America Corp
Developer: Omega Force
{Alcohol Reference, Suggestive Themes, Violence}
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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