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Star Wars Rebels Season Three




Star Wars Rebels Season Three 


I am extremely thankful Disney sent Star Wars Rebels Season Three on Blu-ray to Family Friendly Gaming for a review. Like the kids said in the Unboxing video. Missed that video? Click here. We have not seen seasons one or two as of yet. Something we will try to get to in the future. We also have not seen all of Star Wars Clone Wars yet either. So there are things that we are not versed on. It is neat to see an older Rex.

It takes 485 minutes to watch Star Wars Rebels Season Three. Then there are some neat bonus features included. They are Return to Mandalore, Thrawn: A Legend Reborn, Apprentices to Outcasts: Kenobi and Maul, The Original Rebel: Saw Gerrera Returns, five audio commentaries, A Rebel Alliance, Rebels Recon, and more. I learned a lot of Star Wars knowledge from the bonus content.

Star Wars Rebels Season Three connects to other Star Wars movies and franchises in a variety of ways. We meet characters that are in other movies. The animation is good. There is violent content with light sabers, blasters, and explosions. Star Wars Rebels Season Three also contains the force religious belief. There is an odd character in Star Wars Rebels Season Three with super natural powers.

I did not know what to expect from Star Wars Rebels Season Three. It drew me in, and helped me understand the rebels from Star Wars much better. There is no appearances of Darth Vader or the Emperor in Star Wars Rebels Season Three. I loved seeing the Mandalorians though. The voice acting is top notch and there are plenty of humorous moments in this season.

SPOILER ALERT! We see the end of Maul in Star Wars Rebels Season Three. I thought he died in that movie. I guess he was brought back at some point. The volume in the show is really quiet. So I would jack the volume up to 60 to hear characters talking. Then the menu screen would have blaring music. I am not sure why there is such a volume difference on Star Wars Rebels Season Three.

Star Wars fans will get into Star Wars Rebels Season Three. I liked it, and the stories that were told. There are spies, lies, and constant posturing to further the goals of the two main factions in Star Wars Rebels Season Three. The droids in Star Wars Rebels Season Three are exceptional. Their comments brought most of the humorous moments in Star Wars Rebels Season Three. I hope this show continues for a few more years.
- Paul


Video: 70%
Audio: 85%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Functionality: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Blu-ray
Publisher: Disney
Developer: Lucasfilm
Rating: ‘TV-Y7’ - Specifically Designed for Children Seven Years of Age or Older

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