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Revenant Saga




Revenant Saga 


Revenant Saga is a turn Based RPG made by KEMCO and EXE-Create. KEMCO outdid themselves with Revenant Saga as they upgraded the graphics and battle animations. Sure the sprites in the towns and world map are the same, but if you go into a battle you now have new 3D models for you to fight with. I would say the most annoying part of Revenant Saga is when you try to walk sometimes your character will glitch out and stop - forcing you to crank on the stick to move. Revenant Saga is a port from the Google play store.

Revenant Saga has nice music and nice retro graphics to go with as it makes you feel like you're playing a SNES until the battles which are like Final Fantasy 7 in terms of graphics. Revenant Saga sticks to the traditional turn based RPG formula which is rare now days and I think KEMCO does this well. Revenant Saga offers modes for the RPG gamers who just like to have fun on normal, the new players who play easy and the hardcore fans who play for a challenge. I like the fact that you can save anywhere in Revenant Saga because this makes the game much more casual as you can pick it up and put it down again. Revenant Saga also has a quest tab so that you can always put the game down for awhile and then come back and know what to do.

The problems that families should be aware of in Revenant Saga are Violence, Enticement to Lust, Demons, False Gods, Alcohol, Profanity, and more. The combat system in Reventant Saga has the same feel as many of the other KEMCO RPGS. You can transform in Revenant Saga to gain a buff, but that buff has a negative side-effect, so be careful. One of my favorite systems in Revenant Saga is the Custom feature. the Custom feature allows you to improve weapons and give them perks such as my favorite, Poison.

I will try to describe the story in Revenant Saga without spoiling too much of the game. I will say Revenant Saga has lots of deception. From the beginning it seems as if each character has ulterior motives that cause a mutual interest with the others in the party. Spoilers ahead, the main character is a failed Revenant as the experiment failed in the middle causing the main character to be half human half demon. Your character gains the power to kill other demons and eat their souls which he only does when necessary.

Revenant Saga is a good RPG for fans of KEMCO or Turn Based RPGS in general. With that said this is not a game for the young as it will have more non-family content. I found that Revenant Saga is a very easy game to muscle through without grinding or doing side quests. Revenant Saga at least has you pitted against the demon worshipers despite you being Half-Demon. I would say as far as gameplay in turn based RPGs, KEMCO is keeping the genre alive with help from others in small ways.
-Teen Gamer


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 30%

System: Wii U
Publisher: KEMCO
Developer: Exe-Create
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference, Mild Language}
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