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Dead or Alive Dimensions





Dead or Alive Dimensions 


How did Dead or Alive Dimensions get the thirteen and older rating instead of the seventeen and older rating? Other current Dead or Alive games are getting the ‘M’ rating from the ESRB. Plenty of bad content is found within Dead or Alive Dimensions on the Nintendo 3DS. It is also a clunky and clumsy fighting game on the Nintendo 3DS. The control scheme makes little sense.

Dead or Alive Dimensions has a long list of negatives to it. Just look at all of the ESRB descriptors. We have violence, blood, bad language, nudity, enticement to lust, alcohol, and more. Dead or Alive Dimensions is one of those video games that makes the entire industry look bad. Critics can easily point to Dead or Alive Dimensions as one of the problems easily found within the industry.

There are a nice array of modes in Dead or Alive Dimensions. We get Chronicle, Arcade, Survival, Tag Challenge, Free Play, Training, Local, Internet, and Throwdown. There is also a Showcase for figures, scenes, and more. On top of that there are 3D photos in Dead or Alive Dimensions. There are twenty-five characters, and sixteen stages. Some of the stages have multiple different levels. Characters can be knocked down from one to the lower ones.

The cliched tournament is found in the main story mode of Dead or Alive Dimensions. We fight off an evil corporation. That has not been overdone in the video game industry huh? Dead or Alive Dimensions made me hate large corporations like Disney, Coke, Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, and more. Some people might even dislike the large corporation Koei Tecmo after playing Dead or Alive Dimensions.

The control scheme in Dead or Alive Dimensions gave me fits. Normal buttons are not used in my opinion. I adapted to it eventually. I found myself relying on just a few attacks here and there in Dead or Alive Dimensions. Why? They worked a high percentage of the time. Why change when you find something that works? The voice acting was sub par in my opinion. This game should be rated ‘M’. Pass on it in the clearance rack. It is there for a good reason.


Graphics: 30%
Sounds: 40%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 30%
Family Friendly Factor: 20%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Tecmo Koei
Developer: Team Ninja

Rating: ‘T’ - THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY {Blood, Mild Language, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence}

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