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Asdivine Cross 


Asdivine Cross is yet another RPG gem video game from KEMCO. KEMCO is listening to the gamers who want the RPGs made by KEMCO to be more family friendly. In Asdivine Cross they removed profanity for new words made by the devs of Asdivine Cross. Asdivine Cross is however more difficult than previous entries in the Asdivine series even on the easiest mode. Asdivine Cross does improve the controls so that they are more fluent and less glitchy than KEMCO's last RPG.

I will do my best to not spoil too much of Asdivine Cross if I can help it but be warned some details of the review reveal small plot knowledge that will help you if you are new to the Asdivine franchise. In Asdivine Cross there are two main countries. One who worships the Light Deity (false goddess) and the other worships the Dark Deity (Satan, The Devil). Early in the game one of the main characters is a worshiper of the Dark until they realize their mistake. The Character that you play as is like a Robin Hood of sorts, he steals from the rich and corrupt to give to the poor.

The gameplay in Asdivine Cross is much more for the experienced RPG gamers. In Asdivine Cross you can upgrade weapons to have more attack or to have status effects such as poison or sleep. Asdivine Cross does feature an Auto-Battle. In Asdivine Cross I would suggest that you battle for yourself or at least watch because the AI loves to get you killed. I like the TRUST mechanic in Asdivine Cross as it allowed you to unleash hi-power attacks often.

Asdivine Cross has nice music that will calm you, in fact I fell asleep playing it once. The graphics in Asdivine Cross are a step down from KEMCO's last RPG as they revert to their SNES/Game Boy graphics. The special enemy classes in Asdivine Cross appear much more often and are very strong. Unless you are extremely equipped I would suggest you run from any Titan Class monsters. I like how you can save anywhere in Asdivine Cross by pressing the 'Y' button on the 3DS.

Asdivine Cross has some controversial content to some people such as religion. Asdivine Cross does have the typical boat and airship of the RPG type. Asdivine Cross makes you feel like you are always making progress as the chapters are short but in plenty in fact by twelve hours I was past chapter sixty. Asdivine Cross is much more "Grindy" than previous KEMCO games. I would have to disagree with the ESRB rating as the topics that they cover should be ten or thirteen plus.
-Teen Gamer


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: KEMCO
Developer: Exe-Create
Rating: 'E' Everyone Six and Older { Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language}
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