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A Stork's Journey 


I am very happy Lionsgate gave Family Friendly Gaming a copy of A Stork's Journey on DVD. This is one funny bird movie. A little sparrow(Richard) gets orphaned right before he is born. His parents protect him from the predator and pay for it with their very own lives. A stork mother comes over and finds him alone in the nest. Her family adopts him. There is one problem - they migrate for the winter and a sparrow can not fly like a stork.

There are so many funny characters in A Stork's Journey. Olga is a freakishly large owl who has an imaginary friend she talks to. Kiki is a caged parakeet that wants to sing and dance disco. Kiki is also afraid of heights. Really strange for a bird right? Richard, Olga, and Kiki have an adventure as they work their way from Germany to Africa. They take planes, boats, and trains to catch up with the storks flock.

For most of the movie Richard refuses to believe he is a sparrow. He thinks he is a stork. A late blooming stork. He eventually comes to grips with the reality of his situation. Even though he does he still finds it important to get back with his family. There is some peril in A Stork's Journey as different animals try to eat one another. Some of them even succeed. That is show off camera though.

The online pigeons are fantastic in A Stork's Journey. I love how they would act on the wires in this avian movie. Olga even gets in on the action. What I find most interesting about the pigeons is the social commentary on how we can get carried away spending all of our time online. I wish more movies would poke that bear if you know what I mean. I am guilty of it at times.

Drake Bell, Justine "iJustine" Ezarik, and Jane Lynch headline the voice acting in A Stork's Journey. This gives me hope that my dad will become a voice actor some day. There are plenty of us here at Family Friendly Gaming that think he would make a great voice actor. Maybe my brother and I will get into voice acting at some point in our lives too. After all iJustine is in this movie.

I had a lot of fun watching A Stork's Journey. The main bonus feature on A Stork's Journey is Giving the Characters a Voice at the Recording Studio with Drake Bell,
"iJustine" Ezarik, and Jane Lynch. A Stork's Journey is one of those movies I am recommending to the millions upon millions of readers in Family Friendly Gaming Universe. This is a fun movie with plenty of good lessons about believing in yourself, forgiving the quirks of others, and more.
- Kid Gamer


Video: 90%
Audio: 95%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Functionality: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: DVD
Publisher: Lionsgate
Developer: Grindstone Entertainment
Rating: ‘PG’ - Parental Guidance Suggested
{Some Mild Peril}
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