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Xanadu Next 


Xanadu Next has made it to the PC. Family Friendly Gaming was gifted a digital downloadable version of Xanadu Next on Steam. This action adventure role playing video game has been ported over from N-Gage. I think Xanadu Next would work a lot better on the Nintendo 3DS, and the Playstation Vita. That does not say Xanadu Next fails to work on the Personal Computer.

It took me a bit to comprehend the controls in Xanadu Next. We move by left clicking somewhere. We interact by right clicking on something. Want to attack a hideous monster in one of the dungeons? Left click on them. Want to open a treasure chest? Right click on it. It sounds really simple but it works. We use the F1 - F4 keys to use magical attacks.

Xanadu Next is not always clear on what needs to be done next. I got stuck multiple times playing Xanadu Next on the PC. The EIC came over and offered ideas that wound up working. We also had issues with the game crashing. We had to use the configuration tool to modify Xanadu Next to work on our gaming PC. Then we were off and running in this very interesting role playing game.

The issues families will have with Xanadu Next are enticement to lust, profanity, magic, lack of attire, false gods, violence, and more. I found out that you can go too far out in the water with your character and drown. Xanadu Next looks kind of like Ultima Online (zoomed in), and plays somewhat like Ultima Forever. How does Xanadu Next play like Ultima Forever? In finding the keys. We have to purchase keys to unlock doors in Xanadu Next. This is done a lot.

Attribute boosters come from the guardian characters in Xanadu Next. They can be very helpful in this downloadable only video game. Xanadu Next grew on me as I played it. It feels like a Diablo lite with less dark themes. Graphically Xanadu Next shows its age. The music is nice. I like the mouse controls. Needing the keyboard around for a few attacks is a bit lame.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: XSeed Games
Developer: Nihom Falcom
Rating: '
NR’ - Not Rated

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