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Rainbow Moon




Rainbow Moon 


When I was first told about Rainbow Moon, I immediately thought of Noah's Ark. After all the whole rainbow comes from God's promise that he will never flood the Earth again with water. Sadly I saw nothing that supported the Holy Bible in Rainbow Moon. I then thought in modern times it may have something to do with sexual deviancy, and maybe even attack the Biblical definition of marriage. I did not find any of that either.

I should note that Rainbow Moon is a hard video game with many thing stacked against the player. Grinding many hours is required. Which can be a real pain with how poor the controls are in Rainbow Moon. Clunky and frustrating are the two words that come to mind in terms of the controls in Rainbow Moon. It is easy to make a mistake in the movements in battle. Very hard to recover from any of those mistakes.

The main playable character's rival shoves him through a portal. He then needs to gain the trust of the people there because they are worried about monsters coming through the newly opened portal. They don't have a Stargate Iris to protect themselves with. So demonic attacks are a real problem. Thankfully the video game hero is there to save the day in this downloadable only home console video game.

I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming was provided a 2.8 gig download code for Rainbow Moon. With such a large file size I am shocked this PS4 game was not released in the physical format. Maybe one is coming for the millions of gamers belonging to the physical copy movement. It is easy to save anywhere outside of battle in Rainbow Moon on the Playstation 4.

Rainbow Moon has cross buy and cross save functionality. The music is nice, but ruined with the bad language. Plenty of violence in this turn based strategy role playing video game. Players need to eat, and use torches in dungeons. What are we playing Darkstone again? Skills can be leveled up from earning pearls. Losing in Rainbow Moon can be very miserable. Rainbow Moon is an isometric looking game for hardcore gamers, and not casual gamers.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Playstation 4
Publisher: Eastasiasoft
Developer: SideQuest Studios
‘E10+’ for Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence, Alcohol Reference, Mild Language}
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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