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Monster Medic




Monster Medic 


Monster Medic is a cooperative shooter. Two family members can work together to shoot the viruses. This sounds really good on paper. The problem is application in the real world. Each player has a button to fire, and one to drive. I found too often we were not in sync, and it was easier to let just one family member drive around. Which led to other issues.

What other issues did we run into while playing Monster Medic on the iPad? Fingers and hands from one family member can block the view of the other family member. This can easily blossom into real world arguments, especially when finger pointing ensues. Peace keepers need to be nearby to remind the family members that the odds are never in their favor in a shooting game.

The action gets wild and crazy in Monster Medic. Boss levels are even more difficult. Thankfully there are upgrades that can be purchased with in game credit. This will help your ship get stronger and be able to dish out more damage, and take more hits. Some families may want to grind for the upgrades when they are stuck on a boss in Monster Medic on the iPad.

Monster Medic is well designed on menu screens with half set up for the bottom of the screen, and the other half set up for the top of the screen. Story screens are not set up this way, and that led to confusion. Since neither of us could read it properly. We had to slide around to the same side of the table and turn the iPad to read the odd story in Monster Medic.

There are five boss characters and forty levels in Monster Medic. The lesson in Monster Medic is to fight off disease. I don't understand the whole monster concept in Monster Medic. It did not make much sense to me. I love the idea of having family members cooperate. Too often we got in the way of each other though. Levels get pretty repetitive in Monster Medic as well.


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 50%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: iPad
Publisher: TernTek
Developer: TernTek
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