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Infinite Dunamis




Infinite Dunamis 


Infinite Dunamis is one of the more interesting role playing game stories I have played in some time. This gentleman Luke comes across Estelle in a nearby cave. She is being attacked, and Luke saves her. Don't you love it when the heroic man saves the damsel in distress? I sure do. This is where Infinite Dunamis takes a Terminator kind of a turn. Estelle is half robot, and Luke takes her back and fixes her up. Things unravel from there.

Estelle is a princess from the Royal City. Guards have been dispatched to bring her back. Of course they think Luke kidnapped her. From there we have to find a witch to find out what really happened. We also come across a drunkard in Infinite Dunamis. We can have four characters in our party to fight in the turn based battles. Infinite Dunamis reminds me of Final Fantasy in that regard.

Infinite Dunamis brings back one of my personal favorite RPG elements - weapons grant us new skills. This is a really good part of the game in my opinion. The music is nice, and the graphics remind me of the Super NES era. Kemco is proving that new retro video games can be made. Just like Family Friendly Gaming has written about and called for. I like how Infinite Dunamis lets us save anywhere.

Robots are a big part of the story in Infinite Dunamis. The interesting thing is Infinite Dunamis is set in a medieval type of a fantasy world. The crystals can make the robots more powerful. Rings in Infinite Dunamis give characters magical abilities. The map screens in Infinite Dunamis are perfect in my opinion. I wish more role playing games had these kinds of maps.

Alcohol, cars and guns did not always feel right in Infinite Dunamis. The role playing violence is something I expected, especially when Infinite Dunamis is a thirteen and older only rated video game. The bosses are the same sprites from previous games (ghost sprites). The coolest thing in Infinite Dunamis is the skills you earn from a weapon are permanent. So I would equip a variety of weapons to increase my skills.
- RPG Master


Graphics: 55%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 55%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: KEMCO (Kotobuki Solution Co., Ltd.)
Developer: Exe Create Inc
‘T’ - Everyone THIRTEEN and OLDER ONLY
{Language, Fantasy Violence}

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