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Our friends over at Christ Centered Gamer offered us a digital downloadable code for Herolike on Steam. I won't insult your intelligence. I am sure you know what answer I gave. Herolike reminds me of Diablo, and Loot Hero DX. Herolike looks like Diablo, and it generally plays like Diablo. Herolike is fast like Loot Hero DX. We kill off a massive amount of enemies, and then do it again in the next level.

Herolike contains enticement to lust, violence, demons, undead, magic, blood, spirits, gambling, and more. If I had to guess I would say the ESRB would give Herolike a thirteen or older rating to possibly a seventeen and older only rating. That is where I would put Herolike. I ran into some glitches while playing Herolike. I messed around with the visual settings and got rid of most of the lag.

The music in Herolike is okay. The glitches are another story. I am also shocked by some of the moral choices in this game. Herolike lets players do all kinds of evil, vile, and wicked things to innocent villagers. I was appalled at such choices. Every single time my character died in Herolike, I had to start over with a new character. I was not a happy camper about that.

There are five classes in Herolike. They are Guardian, Barbarian, Hunter, Shaman and Trickster. There are two control schemes in Herolike. They are Hack and Slash, and Top to Bottom. One uses the keyboard more often. There are four types of missions in Herolike. They are hack 'n' slash fights, artifact defense, boss fights and RPG based choice missions.

Herolike is much harder than it should be in my opinion. Hardcore hack and slash gamers will get into Herolike. Casual gamers will not be that interested in Herolike. The randomization of battle fields is interesting for about five minutes. Then I realized I was doing the same thing over and over. Like that Crimson and Clover song. I did like leveling up and earning new skills.
- Paul


Graphics: 50%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 50%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Black Shell Media
Developer: Games Hut
Rating: '
NR' - Not Rated

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