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Event[0] is a digital downloadable video game on Steam. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a copy of Event[0] on the PC before it went live to the public. This game was very glitchy at first. Then there was an update and I was able to do more than bang my characters head against a wall. I mean that literally too. Event[0] is controlled with a keyboard and a mouse. I did not find controller support in this game.

The premise behind Event[0] is very interesting. We are out in space, and come across a ship. The AI of the ship has a personality programmed into it. It wants us to be its friend. So I found the smart thing to do was be very nice to the AI in Event[0]. Before we get into space Event[0] felt like a choose your own adventure. I think the game was trying to get a feel for my personality.

There is lag in Event[0] that frustrated me. Maybe it it the Family Friendly Gaming PC that is used for reviews. Personal Computers do not last as long as consoles. Which is a sad testament to why I have always preferred the console gaming over the PC gaming. Not sure how Event[0] could work on the consoles though. Maybe with an on screen keyboard.

There are two parts of Event[0]. The first part is walking around the ship and exploring. The second part is typing to and reading the computer screen. The AI wants something from us. We have to ask the right questions and give the right responses to progress to the next room. At times I found the limitations to vocabulary in Event[0]. It will give a response that it does not understand.

Event[0] will make players think. How you treat the computer will dictate how well things will go for you. Bear in mind the AI could easily kill you if it wanted to. There are definite psychological aspects to Event[0]. I like some puzzle games. I will openly admit I did not like Event[0]. For me the typing is too slow. I expected the AI to be more intelligent in Event[0].
- Luke


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 60%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Ocelot Society
Developer: Ocelot Society
Rating: '
NR’ - Not Rated

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