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Democracy 3 Electioneering




Democracy 3 Electioneering 


I have been blessed with living in liberal controlled areas, and conservative controlled areas. Each of these areas have their own problems. The biggest problem is the fallen nature of mankind. I experienced all kinds of problems when liberals were the leaders, and a few problems when things went bad in a conservative run area. I know neither is perfect. Which is why I was excited to find out Family Friendly Gaming received a download code for Democracy 3 Electioneering.

I am not aware of any physical copies to the main game or this DLC sadly. Which is a real bummer that the issue of physical copies is not addressed in any way shape or form by a game based on political viewpoints. Players can give speeches and manifestos in Democracy 3 Electioneering to a couple of countries. The countries in Democracy 3 Electioneering are UK, France, Germany, Australia, USA, and Canada.

The biggest downer in Democracy 3 Electioneering is the extreme left wing radical stance the game takes. I created a liberal country and implemented liberal policies. I was applauded. I took a conservative country and implemented conservative policies. I was removed from office. I was unable to do numerous conservative policies that have worked in the real world. It is obvious to me that Democracy 3 Electioneering is pushing the radical far left wing idealogy.

I also noticed in some areas Democracy 3 Electioneering attacks Christians. I thought our culture had progressed past that point where Christians are being persecuted. It is appalling to see it in a modern day video game. Democracy 3 Electioneering encourages abortion, prostitution, socialism, sexual deviancy, rebellion against God, and more - that are very disturbing.

Democracy 3 Electioneering tries to be funny with some political jokes. Supporting the destructive nature of liberalism, and attacking the good for everyone policies of conservatives left a real sour taste in my mouth. I wish Democracy 3 Electioneering was even handed and fair. I wish Democracy 3 Electioneering was more realistic in outcomes. I expected so much more from Democracy 3 Electioneering. I also wish Democracy 3 Electioneering was less confusing to play.
- Paul


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 50%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: Positech Games
Developer: Positech Games
Rating: ‘NR' - Not Rated

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