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Not that long ago Family Friendly Gaming was emailed a digital download code for Clustertruck on Steam. This Personal Computer (PC) video game is part action, part puzzle, and all difficult. Casual and family gamers will get frustrated easily with Clustertruck. The coolest thing about Clustertruck to me is it has controller support. Family Friendly Gaming loves video games that have controller support.

Be careful when you say the name of this game. Some people heard me say Clustertruck, and they thought I was saving something offensive and profane. I wonder if the developer and/or publisher thought it was a clever thing to name a game close to something offensive and profane. It also does accurately describe what happens in this digital downloadable PC game.

There are all of these trucks in each of the levels of Clustertruck. The goal in Clustertruck is to get to the goal area without crashing. This is easier said than done. The best skill we have in Clustertruck is being able to jump from truck to truck. That is right my friends, we are not stuck in just one vehicle. That means in certain levels we have to hop around like a frog.

I learned it is possible to miss jumps in Clustertruck. I hated missing a truck and getting that level failed screen. I got a lot of the level failed screens in Clustertruck. I learned quite a bit of persistence from playing Clustertruck on the PC. The music really kept me going in Clustertruck. All of the trucks crashing sounds did not really help me though. Thankfully the crashing sounds are brief in Clustertruck.

Clustertruck is not a pattern recognition game. I noticed that the trucks would do slightly different things in the levels. The physics of Clustertruck kept me on my toes each and every single time. I have a cool pro tip for Family Friendly Gaming Universe. If you get close to the goal area, you can jump from a truck through it. Kind of like what they did in that second Matrix movie. I have a pet name for Clustertruck. It is truck surfing.
- Mark


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Personal Computer
Publisher: tinyBuild
Developer: Landfall Games
Rating: '
NR’ - Not Rated

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