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War Room 


I am thankful Family Friendly Gaming was provided a reviewable copy of War Room on Blu-ray and Digital HD. This movie comes from the Kendrick Brothers. Do they sound familiar? They should. Family Friendly Gaming has promoted a variety of their products in the past. Remember Fireproof? How about Courageous? They came from the same two brothers.

You might remember our entertaining preview of War Room after we saw an early screener of this movie before it was released to the public. I love how polite the kids are to the adults in War Room. There are also moments of humor in War Room. There are a few moments of peril. The attempted robbery in War Room is what will receive all kinds of attention.

I want to address two accusations War Room has faced. It has been called racist and sexist. I did not see that personally. I can understand how the women getting their way, and men having to give up everything could be construed as sexist. I could also see how some could label War Room as racist. Again I do prescribe to that particular view point. I do believe War Room is being targeted at the African American community.

Some of the bonus features in War Room are Bloopers & Outtakes, Warrior Music Video, The Art of Jumping Rope, Commentary, Behind the Scenes, Deleted Scenes, The Making of War Room, The Heart of War Room, The Church on its knees, Investing in the Next Generation, From Auditing to Acting, and more. I wish the deleted scenes had been left in the movie. They would have made it better.

The main lesson in War Room is to trust God, and pray. Everything gets better for the characters when they pray, and trust God. They extend grace to others, and that grace is returned. In most of the cases. There are a few characters that do not extend grace back. Overall the majority of characters in War Room respond in kind. Be kind to them, and they will be kind back.

I enjoyed War Room the second and third time through more than the first time. The first time I found War Room to be very judgmental, and making false assumptions. There are people that go to church and are too busy to spend time with God. Some of them are even pastors leading their entire churches astray. So War Room is a good movie with a good message. I found out over a decade ago that the more time I spent in prayer the happier I was. Family Friendly Gaming came from prayer.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: Blu-ray/DVD
Publisher: Tri-Star Pictures
Developer: Faithstep Films, Provident Films
Rating: 'PG' -Parental Guidance Suggested
{For Thematic Elements Throughout}

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