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Story of Seasons




Story of Seasons 


If you are into the whole Harvest Moon saga then you know of the break up relating to Natsume. Story of Seasons is more of a Harvest Moon video game than Harvest Moon 3D The Lost Valley. It feels more like a Harvest Moon game, and it plays more like a Harvest Moon hand held video game. Story of Seasons improves upon the formula in a few ways and takes a few steps back in other departments.

You are leaving the nasty, mean, disgusting, and repugnant city life to go out into the country and be a farmer. So you go out there and learn how to be a farmer. Story of Seasons is a slow game. Things progress very slowly at first. There is a lot to do, but you may not have unlocked it yet. At its core Story of Seasons is a game about farming and taking care of animals. There is also a social element in Story of Seasons.

Dating and marriage is allowed in Story of Seasons. To my knowledge Story of Seasons does not include the offensive attempts to redefine marriage. It will require time, effort, and certain items to marry the right character of the opposite sex. Story of Seasons only lets you date one character at a time. You can not be one of those hurtful players in Story of Seasons.

The music in Story of Seasons is fantastic. The graphics are okay. I can tell what different objects and characters are. There is some light enticement to lust with a few characters in Story of Seasons. I have certainly seen much worse in other games. I like how the majority of the female characters dress and act like ladies. Story of Seasons lets us break up rocks and chop down trees. As well as catch fish, and a variety of insects.

One of the coolest things to do early on in Story of Seasons is swim around in the little water areas. You can also dive for cool items that sell for decent prices. Speaking of selling items, Story of Seasons irritates me in this regard. You have to go to the Trade Depot to sell your crops, and other items (only available a couple of days per week). Eventually you can open your own shop there. I miss the shipping bin.

Story of Seasons simplifies the three by three grids in terms of tilling, planting, watering and more. You do all nine squares at once. No more of doing this one space at a time business. This makes it go so much faster. The biggest down side to crops is they die when you go from one season to another one. I wasted all kinds of money going from spring to summer in year one. I had all those crops growing and they died instantly. How lame is that?

There is multiplayer, streetpass, and spotpass functionality available with Story of Seasons. You can even earn a magic wand. If you are into that kind of a thing. Story of Seasons has plenty of editing features available to the player. From the items on your property, to renting fields, to changing things in your house. There are also all kinds of items, and things to do.

In some ways Story of Seasons reminds me of Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar. In other ways I wish there had been more choice early on as to what to do. It took me forever to acquire the resources to make a chicken coop. That was after buying the blueprints. I wish there had been an easier way to achieve goals like that from the start. I would have liked a chicken over a cow and then a horse. I also wish Story of Seasons had warned me about the crops dying between seasons. Or not killed everything off going from season to season. Okay so here is the final verdict. Story of Seasons is a solid game in the Harvest Moon vein. It beats the most current Harvest Moon video game hands down.
- Yolanda

UPDATE {04/17/2015}: Nature sprites, a witch, and a false goddess were found deeper in the game.

UPDATE {05/18/2015}: There is at least one character in this game identified as transgender(Marian), and at least one other who acts the opposite of his gender (Giorgio).


Graphics: 69%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 86%
Gameplay: 59%
Family Friendly Factor: 57%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Marvelous AQL
Developer: XSeed Games
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Alcohol Reference, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violent References}
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