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Samurai Defender




Samurai Defender 


The cool thing about Circle Entertainment is they are bringing a diverse range of apps to the Nintendo 3DS. Samurai Defender is the latest example of this. This downloadable only hand held video game works perfectly on the Nintendo 3DS. It also reminds me a bit of Krinkle Krusher. Although I like Samurai Defender much more. The 2D side angle view works better for this kind of a game.

Players start with one samurai archer on the roof of the gate. Enemies walk from the right towards the wall on the left. The player must shoot them with arrows until they fall. If the attacking characters get within range they will start attacking the gate. Which will drain your health. Lose all your health and you lose that battle. Leveling up is important in Samurai Defender.

As you battle in Samurai Defender you earn copper coins. These are used to purchase upgrades, or more troops on the wall. Players can also learn magical attacks (that have a gauge that builds in each battle) to massively damage multiple enemies at the same time. You will need to grind in certain spots of Samurai Defender. Levels are quick and easy though. Well they are easy at first.

We shoot the enemies in this tower defense/tower offense hand held video game. Each of the enemies have a health bar that shows when they take a hit. Depending on your power and accuracy it could take one shot or multiple shots to take the enemies down. I focused on the closest enemy first, and after taking him out moved to the next closest enemy. The auto fire from your defenders is very important.

I hope Circle Entertainment continues to bring interesting apps to Family Friendly Gaming Universe. I like how families can pay one time for Samurai Defender, and then enjoy the entire Nintendo 3DS video game. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code for Samurai Defender. I hope to see sequels to Samurai Defender in the near future. It was a pleasure for me to play and review this downloadable only video game.
- Mark


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 75%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 65%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: Circle Entertainment
Developer: Link Kit Inc, Flyhigh Works
Rating: ‘E10+’ - Everyone TEN and OLDER ONLY
{Fantasy Violence}
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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