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Quell Memento




Quell Memento 


The Quell games have been memorable with Family Friendly Gaming for a couple of reasons. The biggest one is the fun puzzles. We play bubbles in Quell Memento. There are a variety of different things we need to perform in levels to complete them.

What kinds of things? Collect all of the pearls, light up all the crystals, light up all the walls, and more. Quell Memento shakes up the game play in the one hundred and forty-four levels. They go by fast though. For each cut scene area there is four chapters. Each chapter has four levels in it.

The cryptic storyline in Quell Memento may spark debate among gamers. I did not understand all of it personally. I did find parts of it interesting, especially the parts about the old man exploring his past through memories. It made me think of living for yesterday, today, or tomorrow?

The music in Quell Memento is really great. I found it relaxing, especially in hard to solve levels. Once you learn some of the game play mechanics in Quell Memento, you will find the flow to the levels. It was like getting inside the mind of the designer of Quell Memento.

One important comparison between the Nintendo 3DS version of Quell Memento and the app version. There is no in-app purchased on the Nintendo 3DS. You pay one dollar more, but I know plenty of families that despise in-app purchases with a vehement passion.

Quell Memento is one of the best Nintendo 3DS games we have played all year long. I know someone out there is going to point out we are not long in the tooth for this year. But still, Quell Memento is a really good start for puzzle video games on the 3DS for 2015.
- Paul


Graphics: 85%
Sound: 95%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%

System: Nintendo 3DS
Publisher: CIRCLE Entertainment
Developer: FK Digital, Fallen Tree Games Ltd
Rating: ‘E’ - Everone SIX and OLDER ONLY
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