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NekoBuro CatsBlock




NekoBuro CatsBlock 


NekoBuro CatsBlock is a cool, clever and fun puzzle game on the Playstation Vita. Family Friendly Gaming was provided a download code to NekoBuro CatsBlock. To my knowledge there is not a physical copy version of NekoBuro CatsBlock, which is a real shame because this clever game would work great at retail in my humble opinion. What kind of game is NekoBuro CatsBlock? A match three cat dropping game.

Confused by my last sentence? Three cats of the same or different colors drop from the right side of the screen down to the left side of the screen. The player must match the same color horizontally, diagonally, and vertically. There are also power ups in NekoBuro CatsBlock. When a cat with a power-up is matched then that will apply to. It could be vertically removal, 3 x 3 grid removal, horizontal removal, a certain color removal, and more.

Players can also add a power-up they have built up onto a cat to beat the level faster. Which can be important in NekoBuro CatsBlock. Why is that? Many of the levels in NekoBuro CatsBlock are timed. That means the player must remove a certain number of specific colors, or use a specific power-up so many times in the time allotted. Failure means the level is not completed.

What is the big deal about not completing a level in NekoBuro CatsBlock? You won't be able to progress to the next world. NekoBuro CatsBlock has five worlds with ten levels each in them. There is also a Survival mode in NekoBuro CatsBlock. Once you complete all ten levels in a world you get all kinds of cool unlockables and can begin any of the ten levels in the next world.

Certain levels in NekoBuro CatsBlock gave me fits. There was not enough time to complete them unless I got lucky. Once I did get lucky I remembered that for the next world in case I ran into a similar level. NekoBuro CatsBlock does not tell players to do certain things to succeed either. I kept failing levels early on due to not understanding there was specific goals to complete to beat the level. The same goes for the timer - I did not notice it at first.

NekoBuro CatsBlock is a bright and colorful game with fantastic upbeat music. The voices are all in Japanese. The story line is a bit odd. Space cats crash land on earth, and are treated nice by a little girl. The cats think they are being treated like gods because she is nice to them. At the end of the day NekoBuro CatsBlock reminds me of a 3D Columns video game. With a very different visual perspective.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 80%
Family Friendly Factor: 80%

System: PS Vita
Publisher: Neko Entertainment
Developer: FK Digital, Achtung Creative
Rating: ‘RP' - Rating Pending
Company provided product
Value/Cost of the review is greater than value/cost of provided product

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