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Kirby and the Rainbow Curse





Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 


Family Friendly Gaming rented a copy of Kirby and the Rainbow Curse on the Wii U. Nintendo tried some different things with this home console video game. Kirby video games are either hit or miss. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is sadly one of those misses. The worst part about this Wii U game is the controls.

Kirby and the Rainbow Curse starts us out learning how he is cursed into being just a ball. We can draw (limited amount of ink) and Kirby will magnetically attach to the line, and roll along it. We have to tap Kirby to get him to move. The buttons on the Wii U game pad are worthless. A second player can join the game, and they get normal controls. Why can’t we just have normal controls with Kirby?

The giant master hands from Smash make their appearance in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse so many times. They look okay in the claymation art style. There are two reactions to the claymation art style in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse here at Family Friendly Gaming. The first is absolute disgust, and wanting it to score in the twenties. The second reaction is it is okay - nothing too special though. I lean toward the second reaction.

The single player controls in Kirby and the Rainbow Curse are horrible. They are annoying, frustrating, aggravating, and can create real world anger in the form of rage quitting. The second player controls are the only way to play Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. So one player needs to derp around on the Wii U Gamepad while the second player actually plays this Wii U game.

When we like a game we rent here at Family Friendly Gaming, we put it on a purchase list for when it comes down to a price we are willing to pay. We will not be putting Kirby and the Rainbow Curse on that list. We blew through the game (there are plenty of challenges and secrets left to find) way too fast. Kirby and the Rainbow Curse is a rental at best. Save your money for something better.
- Teen Gamer


Graphics: 65%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 40%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%

System: Wii U
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Hal Laboratory

Rating: ‘E’ for Everyone SIX and OLDER ONLY
{Mild Cartoon Violence}

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